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Updated: 02/20/2017 17:17
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decenterme review
Take your time to read the professional HYIP review of DecenterMe by, written by Steve Sweeny learn about the main aspects of the project
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Read the professional review of DecenterMe to learn the main aspects and features of the hyip with the special attention paid to the technical aspect of the website, the content, the investment plans and other specific features of the Telegram bot hyip project.

DecenterMe is a new hyip, recently added to HyipNews. According to the latest information from forums and official sources the launch of the project was on January 15, 2017. Today HyipNews is pleased to offer the detailed review of DecenterMe Hyip, telling about the general impression, the design and the outlook of the project. We are going to talk about the investment opportunity, payment methods accepted. The most important technical features and peculiarities of the customer care are outlines below along with some words on the legend and the conclusion part of the review.

1. Introduction, First Impression!

The first words that come to my mind when looking at the website of DecenterMe project is "gloomy". The design seems to be a bit atypical. However it seems so first of all since it's been made in American-style, which is not a surprise after all, cause the admin is more likely a foreign one. The design is futuristic. One can find information about the company and its operations, read project news and answers to frequently asked questions there. Taking a closer look at the project we can see it's a medium-profitable bot with some interesting features and lifetime profit calculations. The images on the main page and the entire website are well-chosen, the content is informative. The admin of the website speaks good English, is online at UTC working hours and the website is made "in the American manner" as mentioned earlier.

2. Investment Plans, Referral Program!

There is only one investment plan here. Everything is very simple. Once making a deposit you get 3% daily (principal included) for the project's lifetime. It's not hard to make some calculations and analyze after 34 days online investors break even and start earning pure profit. The Bitcoin deposits are credited after 1 confirmation. Minimum deposit amount is $10. Unlike other investment programs based on Telegram bots, DecenterMe sends all financial transactions reports to investors' e-mails. The referral program is simple at DecenterMe. Upline gets 5% from the deposit made by the downline, that's it!

3. Ways to Make Deposit and Withdraw Funds!

The program gives a unique opportunity to make a deposit both via the website and the Telegram bot as well. Payments are completed in the automatic mode to the e-wallet indicated when completing the signup.

To make a deposit one should either move to the website (Globe sign on the intro page) or Activate Telegram bot ( Telegram image). Let's describe signup from the website for the reason not everyone has Telegram account active. Entering the site one should proceed to the "Deposit" page, choose the payment system, one of three available (Bitcoin, Payeer and Perfect Money) and proceed with the signup. Filling all the fields, click "Continue Without bot" and proceed to making a transaction. After making a deposit, there is nothing left to do. Your e-wallet will be checked once per day, if the Telegram bot is not active. However the admin of DecenterMe recommends to activate the bot for better experience with the project.

4. Legend and Content!

The legend of the project is a great solution, which gives opportunity to minimize the human factor. The DecenterMe website says the following:

Decenter.Me mission is to provide opportunities for investors who seek high returns, but it is impossible in the conditions of the old economy. Decenter.Me will do so with a simple and secure point of entry, giving them a great experience, which is crucial to maintain their investment in the new economy.

Who are we?

We are a group of traders, Bitcoin web developers who have joined the cryptocurrency the world in 2012. We believe that Bitcoin is progress, this is new money, this is the future.

Let's not go deep in the legend, being aware this is not the main idea about Telegram bots.

So, what makes this project attractive for potential investors? What makes it different from the rest?

First of all, naturally when it comes to bots, admins are lazy enough to make them look professional. It's not like that here. Secondly, the realization is interesting enough, lots of features, admins are implementing gradually are already available. The content of the website, the design does not look like a hyip actually. At the same time the navigation is simple, everything is compact and stays where it belongs.

5. Customer Care and Support!

The support is provided via e-mail and live chat. The project is also presented in the social networks: Facebook and Twitter, the links to the company pages are provided in the website.

6. Technical Aspect!

DecenterMe can justly be called a multi platform project, for the reason both the website and Telegram bot are fully functioning, which lets customers make transactions from various devices. The script of the website is custom. COMODO ECC Domain Validation Secure Server CA is available till August 2017. The domain is registered for 10 years, domain registrar is NameCheap. DDoS protection is provided by Cloudflare.

7. Special Features!

Initially there are two ways of making deposit to DecenterMe. One can register and make a deposit from the website or one can install Telegram bot and make a deposit from it. It's a good solution, cause not every hyip investor enjoys innovations and till now not many customers are using bots. Still it is recommended to make a deposit via bot, because in case of making a deposit from the website the bot you will not have access to deposit and personal information. The second feature is automatic payouts, whether the profit payments or affiliate bonuses.

The most interesting feature is that all profiles on the website are available for viewing, i.e. knowing the Telegram nickname one can see the profile and watch the deposit information, the payouts made. No extra information is provided at the same time and one cannot make any manipulations to the member area. This can be a perfect advantage for those involved in active affiliate activity. Showing your personal profile, earning solid profit is a great way to prove the paying capacity of the project. The level of transparency of DecenterMe is really impressive!

Another good feature, which is worth noticing is smooth development. The admin is not in a hurry. Advertisement is purchased smoothly, the project's development is not hastened. This strategy can secure maximum lifetime possible for the project.

8. Conclusion!

To tell the truth this is the first Telegram bot i can see to be so well-thought-out. Typical Telergam bots always lacked something. Either there wasn't an active website, or the affiliate program is missing, or there's something wrong with the transactions history etc. DecenterMe has it all designed and developed in a perfect way. Moreover it looks great and seems to work well! I would thank the admin for the job done! Special thanks should be forwarded for the smart marketing, fully automatic payment process, a pack of useful features and high level of transparency. Now the last thing the admin of DecenterMe investment project still has to do is to prove with longterm performance. Obviously DecenterMe has all chances to become one of the leading projects in 2017.

About the author

Another young writer working for, Steve Sweeney is the article writer and author able to write powerful headlines, to integrate copy with graphics and page design and manipulate text for max effect (ie. bold, italic, highlight). The experience of this young author is not reach in spite of his age, though Steve is proud to become an active member of a highly productive and creative professional team of HYIPNews where his skills as an accomplished advertising copywriter, copy editing and proofreader are being utilized at the highest level.
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