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Updated: 03/06/2017 15:26
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ecocoins interview
Read the interview with David Richardson, Marketing Director of EcoCoins Company, learn about the general aspects main principles of the program
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We are pleased to publish the interview with David Richardson, Marketing Director of EcoCoins Company. The program has been listed at HYIPNews for 59 days, taking a decent place in the Top Performers listing and we are sure our readers would be interested to know about the general aspects and peculiarities of the company.

1. Good afternoon! Welcome to get listed at HyipNews, investment news and monitoring portal. Let's get acquainted.

Good afternoon. My name is David Richardson, I am the Marketing Director of EcoCoins Company. I am glad to talk to the administration of your blog, which is widely among investors.

2. One can learn from the legend of the program that your team has developed its own inexpensive method for Bitcoin mining using the energy of nature. What is this method? And where do you get the so-called energy of nature?

In fact, everything is quite simple. To date, Bitcoin-mining has closely approached the threshold of profitability primarily due to energy costs. Modern ASIC-devices already consume kilowatts of energy, and electricity bills are becoming notable. For example, with the US prices in terms of the volume of extracted Bitcoin, bills can amount to 70% or higher. It is easy to check, it is enough to find the technical parameters of ASIC: AntMiner S5 consumes 0.7 kW and its more productive "older brother" AntMiner S9 – 1.4 kW already, and this is very, very much. At the same time, miners' award was reduced twice in the past year. You must have noticed it as miners stopped accepting transactions without commissions or with a low commission.

At the same time, there is a boom for the energy of nature. In the context of our activities, it is primarily solar electric power. The development of solar energy in recent years is impressive, and solar panels have become more economically efficient than electricity "from the wall" supplied by energy companies.

Thus, if we make it much easier, we took a device for mining, connected it to a solar panel – and got practically free cryptocoins!

The reality is somewhat more complicated. For example, we do not use Desktop-PCs or even laptops as host systems, but single-board microcomputers like Raspberry Pi, Odroid and Orange Pi. Power consumption of these babies is fantastically low!

And, of course, we are constantly monitoring the market of cryptocurrency choosing the ones we can mine most effectively.

As for the source of energy, these are ordinary solar panels with controllers improved by our engineers. We can afford, for example, exclusion of ASIC power unit and save another 10 to 20% of losses. We also experimented with wind power, but it is too unstable source to rely on.

3. Your team consists of ambitious players of Bitcoin community. Tell us a little about your associates your work with.

Our friends became our first investors and associates. It was a team of four only for a long time. These are Kevin Adamson, our main ideologist and CEO, Scott Matthews, CTO, and Nicolas, Bitcoin-enthusiast and first-class mining expert since 2010, and I.

However, the team is increasing rapidly. Since we opened our business to a wider audience of investors and continue to add new languages and localization to the web-site, we hired an IT-department, technical staff and are in a constant search for multi-lingual technical support staff.

4. The medium-term EcoCoins program has only one payment system. Are you planning to add other payment systems in the future?

Actually, this is not quite true. Today, our investors can purchase Bitcoin directly from us. It is now possible through AdvCash and PerfectMoney services, which is more common in Russia and South America. In the near future, Payza service will be added. We have already settled all necessary formalities; works on the technical integration into our platform are underway. We try to make our program the most convenient and friendly for the current and future investors, so we do not plan to stop.

5. Bitcoin is quite volatile currency, its rate is not fixed in your project, and this fact can be noted as a negative one. Are you planning to set a fixed rate to reduce your financial and investors' risks?

You see, Bitcoin volatility is not a negative phenomenon, but rather on the contrary. And our program, in turn, allows both benefit from the growth of Bitcoin and insuring oneself against subsidence. After all, our activities allow us to ensure a stable and high level of profits, which more than offsets slight fluctuations.
The philosophy of our company is to be Bitcoin evangelists, to promote it to the masses and give our customers the freedom Bitcoin gives – the freedom from state borders, inspection bodies and the "big brother". Each person must decide the fate of his funds himself!

6. According to the rules, the withdrawal of funds usually takes 3 business days. If the investor is impatient, they can be withdrawn with 3% commission in the next 30 minutes. What is the reason for such regulations on the withdrawal of funds? And do you often come across impatient investors?

Of course, 3 days is a period, which is more than enough. Payment is processed in the next few hours, and often – minutes. However, there is a reason for such regulations. And it lies in the very Blockchain system. As you may be aware, each Bitcoin-transaction is charged with a small and formal voluntary fee. This fee does not depend on the transaction amount like in the banking sector, but on the volume of transaction data. The higher the volume, the higher the commission.
But at the same time, with a single transaction Bitcoin allows withdrawal not to one, but to multiple HD-addresses with the size of the fee remaining the same. Thus, whether we make payment to a single Bitcoin-address or a few ones, we pay about the same fee.
We have developed a special system forming blocks of transactions from several of these payments. It saves money considerably and makes us more efficient for our customers. For those who, for whatever reason, can not wait for such a block to be formed, it is possible to make a withdrawal with a higher priority and a small commission.
As for how often the priority withdrawal is used, I would say that it occurs quite rarely, because our customers know that we make payments very quickly.

7. The program is represented by four language versions. Are you planning to include other languages? Where are most of the investors from?

Oh, actually, we already have 6 language localizations. In addition to English, these are Spanish, German, Vietnamese, Russian and Chinese. We have a special system tracking the visitor's language according to different criteria, and with the growth of traffic from a specific language region, we try to quickly enable the investors to communicate with the platform in a familiar language.
In any case, we always welcome our customers, regardless of their native language, region of residence or any other signs!

8. The Asian market is represented by the Vietnamese language version. Are you planning to enter the numerous Chinese market in the future?

You can see that the Chinese localization is already available on our platform.

9. Affiliate program of the second and third levels is very attractive for upliners offering remuneration not only for investments of the invited persons, but also for their income. Does not such a program reflect badly on the finances of the project?

Oh, our affiliate offers are carefully developed so as to be reasonable for our marketing budget on the one hand and most interesting and attractive for those willing to earn extra income in conjunction with our program. Affiliate contributions are a form of advertising budget in their nature, but we believe that it is much more correct and fairer to give this money to our partners instead of spending them on spam or other forms of advertising, for example.
Moreover, we try not only to ensure favorable conditions on affiliate remuneration, but also to provide our partners with the most convenient tools to the maximum extent. For example, we have recently learned that our partners are often willing to give their fairly earned remuneration to engaged customers as a RCB bonus. We were really impressed! Then we developed and implemented a special tool that can be activated on demand and allows for the payment of such bonuses directly within our system.

10. The project will soon finish the circle of the second forty-two day plan. Did you have to deal with any difficulties during this time? Maybe, there was a force majeure situation quickly managed by the team and unnoticed by the investor?

Our software and server equipment is developed in such a way as to exclude the very possibility of emergencies to the maximum possible extent. Of course, it is impossible to give an absolute guarantee, but we try for our customers to the maximum.
We have twice performed maintenance that required suspension of the operation of the web-site of our program, but both times it took no more than 15 minutes instead of the scheduled one hour. And both times the reason was not an emergency, but rather the opposite – a nice one as we were adding new possibilities for our investors.

11. The slogans of your company are very bold: EcoCoins have put an end to the era of oil millionaires. Do you really believe that oil is the last century and the future lies with cryptocurrency?

We do not just believe it. We firmly believe in this. Pay attention to Elon Musk. His Tesla cars are not exotic any more, but quite ordinary vehicles. And they are not the only offer on the market. The world is developing rapidly. When I was a child (and that was not so long ago in historical terms), we used large wire telephones to make calls, and to find the right number, you had to thumb through a thick book. Now I pull out a smart phone from the pocket, and the whole world is open in front of me. It is incredible! Bank payments took days or even weeks just a few years ago. Today, Bitcoin allows instant money transfers to the other side of the planet!
The world has become different, and we are confident that cryptocurrency will play the main role in it and Bitcoin is the leader in this market.

12. What do you do in your free from the cryptocurrency industry time?

Unfortunately, free time is a luxury. Nevertheless, our team does not consist of nerds, who do not see the sunlight for months. We have a lot of young people; everyone has their own interests and aspirations in life. Of course, due to the features of our technological developments, all of us, especially the engineering staff, have to travel a lot, and why not combine a fruitful business trip with a little vacation?

13. Many readers of our blog follow the Bitcoin rate, watch it rise and fall… Advise us as an expert in this field when to buy Bitcoin and to what minimum limits it may fall?

It is not a secret to anyone that the Bitcoin value is determined by fluctuations in the rate of the Chinese yuan today, as 80% of the world market cryptocurrency is concentrated in this country. Therefore, I recommend looking through the news on the Chinese market first before purchase.

As for the nuances of trade, it requires a daily and thorough analysis of each individual cryptocurrency, and there are up to 800 items now. Diversify your portfolio, invest not only in Bitcoin, but also in altcoins. Today, there are at least 5 cryptocurrencies rising up to 70% in a week. Pay attention to XMR, AMP, XRP, XCP, Rads and keep your eyes open.

The main trend is that Bitcoin will grow in the long run. Even if there is a rebound to a lower position at times, further growth occurs almost always. Therefore, Bitcoin remains a promising investment, and I would not recommend those who are not actively engaged in cryptotrading to sell Bitcoin today.

The general advice is as follows: if you are planning to trade at cryptomarkets, you should study the market and form your own, personalized strategy and, of course, do not risk more than you can afford to lose.

In conclusion of the interview, I wish our readers to enjoy making money of nothing but the solar energy, and hopefully EcoCoins Company will help us in it! Thanks for the interview.

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