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Updated: 06/16/2017 08:15
Hyip Monitor
Take your time to read the Hyip Information Survey #555 observing global and massive changes in the Top Choice section, four programs in the Best Choice section repositioned, two newcomers are welcome, as CMETrades removed from the top. Several newcomers are introduced in the Openings section, as well as as some hyips were upgraded and some got blacklisted. As for the Problems section there is a short list of Problem hyips and a short list of of Closed one, five of which used to be listed at HyipNews either. Some news from the hyips online along with the SolidTrustPay update and news concerning the Bitcoin acceptance and processing are given in the Emoney section below. The Hyip Quotes update with some changes is also provided below.

Today Top Choice
Take a look at the TOP Choice section in the Hyip Information Survey #555 published this Thursday.

Best Choice
Here is the list of highest rated and most long-term running programs in the list below:

1. HourPower Listed: 217 days Profit: 1.48-10% hourly for 72-24 hours! Term: up to 3 calendar days!
2. Aurum Bank Listed: 190 days Profit: 0.8-5% daily! Term: up to 260 trading days!
4. Hour Pay Listed: 171 days Profit: 1.1-2.25% hourly for 96 hours 7-10% hourly for 48 hours 15-20% hourly for 24 hours! Term: up to 4 calendar days!
4. HourlyUsd Listed: 166 days Profit: 1.08-1.25% hourly for 96 hours 5-6% hourly for 48 hours 16-21% hourly for 24 hours! Term: up to 4 calendar days!

1. Betincome Listed: 128 days Profit: 1.3-4% daily 3% weekly! Term: up to 100 business days!
2. Earning Hour Listed: 103 days Profit: 1.1%-1.45% hourly for 96 hours! Term: up to 250 calendar days!
3. Hour888 Listed: 56 days Profit: 1.49~15% hourly for 20-70 hours 106.5-3000% after 1-7 days! Term: up to 7 calendar days!
4. Successful Traders Listed: 72 days Profit: 2.5-4.5% daily 188-399% after 5-8 days! Term: up to 45 calendar days!
5. Investellect Listed: 92 days Profit: 1.2-1.4% daily 600-1700% after 60-120 days! Term: up to 120 calendar days!
6. Jade Valley Listed: 87 days Profit: 1% daily! Term: for lifetime!
7. Hour Paid Listed: 79 days Profit: 0.9%-20%% hourly for 120-24 hours! Term: up to 5 calendar days!
8. BtcClock Listed: 50 days Profit: 3.84% daily! Term: for lifetime!
9. Fatfunds Listed: 59 days! Profit: 2.1% daily! Term: up to 100 business days!
10. Reelwa Listed: 59 days! Profit: 4-6% daily! Term: up to 60 calendar days!

Sticky Listing
There is one program in the Sticky listing of HYIPNews today. See the details below:

BitXxa Listed: 8 days Profit: 2.88% daily! Term: for lifetime!

We are pleased to offer the updated list of Top Choice programs below. Traditionally it is split into three sections. Best Choice includes four programs. This time there are two new programs there: Hour Pay and HourlyUsd moved from the Top Performers to the Best Choice section. As for HourPower and Aurum Bank they exchanged positions.

The Top Performers list is also very different from the one it used to be two weeks ago. A number of programs appeared here for the first time. Investellect, Jade Valley, BtcClock are taking the 6th, 7th and 8th places accordingly. Reelwa is taking the 10th position.

Four programs moved to higher positions: Betincome is taking the lead, Earning Hour moved to the second place, Hour888 is taking the third place and Successful Traders is on the 4th position. The Sticky listing is today presented with one hyip, BitXxa, which has been officially presented at HyipNews.

HYIP Quotes Analysis
Let us check the list of TOP 5 most quoted Hyips listed at HYIPNews.

Aurum Bank and Luxearn. The two leading hyips have performed well since the start of June. Aurum Bank shown enormous growth of the quotation index from June 5 to June 10. After that by June 13 the index fell down to 120 points and then fortunately it managed to get back to 189 points on June 15. The same is the situation about Luxearn. On June 1 the quotation index grew, it was growing further on reaching the top of 216 points on June 7.

After the growth the trend changed to declining as the programs lost some points, however by June 10 things got back to where they used to be since the start of June. Eventually there was another decline observed starting from June 11. Within three days the quotation index moved down and reached the bottom of 165 points, however on June 15 things changed again and quotation index grew, reaching 189 points, which means these two hyips are sharing the first place again.

Successful Traders. More or less stable performance could be observed for the program during the first eight days of June. On June 9th though sudden growth emerged as the index grew from 152 to 179 points all of a sudden. Next day there was a decline back to 152 points and down. Till June 14 there was some stable period as well and on June 15 the quotation index grew and reached 173 points.

Yesss. Back again two weeks after the program is taking the third place. The performance of the hyip was different within last ten days. On June 8 there was some decline, though index correction took place the following day. The massive quotation index decline commenced on June 11 and lasted till June 14. The index moved down from 192 to 141 points. The program would have been definitely removed from the TOP 5 if things had not improved on June 15, when the index, all of a sudden, moved up to 165 points.

Investellect. This hyip lost two positions in the Top 5 and takes the fourth place now. More or less the performance of the hyip was stable, however things were changing all the time. One day the index moved up then slight decline was observed. Similar trend was till June 7. The following day the decline was more significant than it used to be previously.

After losing 20 points, things seemed to look very negative. However, on the contrary, after the decline things improved. On June 9 the quotation index moved up to 155 points, two days after another growth was observed as the index reached 170 points. Being stable for two days, the quotation index, though, decreased and reached 155 points eventually on June 15.

Dollar Bill and Funds Broker. These two hyips have already been placed at the bottom of the Top 5 list before. And today they are back on the fifth place. The start of June for Dollar Bill was really successful. Within just first three days of the money the quotation index reached its all-time maximum 168 points and remained stable for three days.

However later on things changed and by June 8 the program's quotation index experienced massive decline down to 102 points. Some correction was observed on June 9, though it was not that significant. One June 15 after some days of stable performance, the quotation index started its growth again reaching 141 points.

The performance of Funds Broker was very similar to the one shown by Dollar Bill. The program reached its all time maximum on June 7 and remained more or less stable for a while. However eventually the quotation index shown devastating decline down to 117 points, which fortunately was followed with some slight growth on June 15 to 141 points.

Seven programs are presented today in the Hyip Quotes section, showing most quoted hyips among those listed at HyipNews. The first place is still (same as two weeks ago) shared by two programs: Aurum Bank and Luxearn. They both shown some growth from June 5 till June 10.

Eventually there was another decline observed starting from June 11. Within three days the quotation index moved down and reached the bottom of 165 points, however on June 15 things changed again and quotation index grew, reaching 189 points.

Successful Traders is taking the second place today thanks to more or less stable performance observed for the program during the first eight days of June, sudden growth on June 9 and June 15 even despite slight decline some days before.

Even despite the massive decline of the Yesss quotation index, thanks to the sudden growth on June 15, the program managed to keep its third place in the Hyip Quotes section today. Investellect lost two places instead. After losing 20 points, things seemed to look very negative.

After the decline, though, things improved. On June 9 the quotation index moved up to 155 points, two days after another growth was observed as the index reached 170 points. Being stable for two days, the quotation index, though, decreased and reached 155 points eventually on June 15.

Dollar Bill and Funds Broker - these two programs are still sharing fifth place showing similar performance, reaching all time maximum, observing the decline and growth on June 15. See the Hyip Information Survey #555 for more details.

HYIP Openings
Take your time to see the list of the new programs launched online within last week.

Coins Circle 1.11%~13% hourly for 96-24 hours!
BitXxa 2.88% daily for lifetime!
NowDeposit 0.65-1.2% hourly for 160 hours 3-5% hourly for 72 hours 25-30% hourly for 20 hours

Avlla Cargotown Gaiaassets Usdhour

A very small number of programs launched lately have been observed in the list above. There are also three programs, which were added to HyipNews listing. BitXxa hyip, presented officially at HyipNews, is paying 2.88% daily. As for Coins Circle and NowDeposit the programs is paying on the hourly basis. No more new hyip opportunities are presented above.

HYIP Problems
The list of problem hyips doesn't seem that long, especially taking into account there haven't been any updates within two weeks. Still we are sorry to admit, some programs, recently added to HyipNews, are now blacklisted. We are talking about Rental Express, Bit Bonum and Bit Monster hyips, currently blacklisted.

Two other newly blacklisted hyips have been monitored by HyipNews for a while. Grand Coins was added more than 120 days ago, while AXIS Crude, which used to be close to top till recently was listed for 58 days. Crypto Balance, listed at HyipNews either, has been assigned with Awaiting status after some complaints from its members raised certain questions about the paying capacity of the project.

Crypto Balance - not paying
SIMB - not paying
ConfideTrade - not paying
Vivur Bet - not paying
Avanciroinv Energy - not paying
Vineyard Wine - not paying
CC-Traders - not paying
Eco Source Electrical Ltd - not paying
Gbfinance - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

AXIS Crude (58 days), Rental Express (28 days), Bit Bonum (24 days), Bit Monster (15 days), Grand Coins (122 days), Invest Pro (52 days), Drinks-Brokers (45 days), Brason Investment (42 days), HourlyProfits (10 days), Daily Reserve (24 days), Wisesouls Ltd (41 days), Perfect Group (73 days), HourBitMaX (10 days), Softbiton (35 days).

More recently blacklisted HYIPs can be discovered in the HYIPNews blacklist, following the link above.

HYIP Events
Let's start with the FexFund hyip, which announced the end of the 1st referral contest with the cash prizes given out to three winners (moneycat, topinvest and Nugatbit). These members have already been contacted and their accounts have been credited with the money. At the same time the admin of FexFund welcomes every to join the best promoter contest. The details of the contest are available on the following page of the website: https://fexfund.net/referrals_contest. Every member can participate in the contest, with active or with no investment.

The contest is about getting as many active referrals as it is possible during the competition time. Active referral is the referral with the investment. The prizes for each contest are available on the competition subpage. All prizes will be added to the chosen account balance and will be available for immediate withdrawal or reinvestment. BTC investments are calculated with current BTC to USD exchange rate only for contest purposes. Contest valid from Sat, Jun 3rd 2017, 00:00 until Sat, Jun 17th 2017, 23:59.

For an improvement of the services, BTChain opened the second call center to share the amount of calls. Call center: +44 161 3940 188, New call center: +44 161 7681 053. Just to be clear the old call center number is still active, this number is just an improvement of our service, so if the first one is not available cause is busy you can try the second one. Later on the project also announced adding the Spanish language as the support method.

Ethtrade reported of participating as sponsor of a major sporting event that served to move the city of Viana further. The event happened on May 2017 and had dozens of amateur competitors who participated in the 9th Vianense Circuit of Jet Ski Amador.

Trading report from ControlFinance was issued lately covering the trade period from June 5, 2017, to June 11, 2017. The link to report can be seen on the special page on the official website.

FatFunds listed at HyipNews for 72 days celebrates the start of summer. As the team of the project is sure summer is the most wonderful time for Health improvement, relaxation and comfortable income with FatFunds. The project is happy to announce the start of the "Quit smoking with FatFunds" wellness week. Refusing any cigarettes or alcohol by making deposit the members gain 10% deposit bonus.

TrafficHeap improved terms for members, waiting for the PayPal payments. From now on after the update PayPal payments are credited to members' accounts in 3 days instead of 7 days as it used to be before the update. It looks better, without any shadow of doubt, still it takes much longer than other e-currency solutions, which is why the admin of TrafficHeap asks for patience of all those willing to use PayPal.

Vavilon has celebrated 2 months online anniversary. The program has proved to be a serious and qualitative company which is steadily generating income and paying funds to the investors. The company is on track to achieve the goals, each of which brings it closer to perpetration of revolution in the world of eco-construction! A row of actions with investment blog have been launched starting from June 13.

The team of the company will do everything possible to allow the subscribers of each blog to participate in the action to get guaranteed bonuses and gifts. From 13.06.17 to 15.06.17 inclusive the action will operate especially for subscribers of kinvestor.ru, participating in which you can get 6% bonus to all new deposits made during the period of the action.

BitInvestNow completed 30 days online and welcomes every customer, who completed 30 days alongside. As for the announcements in the nearest future the new payment processor Payeer will be added. Speaking about the stats, as it's been reported BitInvestNow is now at 578,514 of the most visited sites in the world and growing.

Recently the Investellect project listed as one of HyipNews Top Performers for 93 days has added Payza as additional payment processor and on June 13 adding AdvCash has been announced either. Adding popular payment processors as those accepted for making deposits to the project the admin looks forward to realize the investment requirements of the customers, who were not willing to use other electronic payment systems before, and hence to increase the membership. So now you can choose among PerfectMoney, Payeer, Bitcoin, Payza and AdvCash to invest and withdraw your profit.

Earlier at the begnning of the month the admin released a statement saying Investellect has been online for more than 800 days, which is a stunning result for the hyip industry. It is hard to judge whether the statement is true or not though, for the project has been listed with HyipNews for only 91 days.

To somehow mark this milestone, the admin reported the latest stats: 11000 investors from all over the world, more than USD 10 million of total investments, more than USD 4 million withdrawn by the members. The stats look really serious and it is hard to say whether they are actually true or fake.

In order to give more incentive to the members of Investellect, answering multiple requests from the customers to let them earn more additional funds the referral program has been updated at Investellect to 6%-2%-1%-1% multi-level, which means the referral program offers earning at four levels and pays 6% of the deposits made by your first-line referrals, 2% of the deposits made by you second-line referrals (the people invited by your first-line referrals), 1% of the deposits of your third-line referrals (the people invited by your second-line referrals) and 1% of the deposits of your fourth-line referrals (the people invited by your third-line referrals).

The admin of Investellect claims the entire team is doing its best to make the website navigation as convenient as possible while investors may become wealthier and happier through making profit from the investment opportunities provided by Investellect.

E-money News
SolidTrust Pay plays an integral role in the global money transfer and fin-tech industries. Many of members use STP services to conduct business around the world though many of them also use the services to transfer monies to their families back home — these are called remittances. Today on June 16th, SolidTrustPay is proud to announce the support for the International Day of Family Remittances, as well as the dedication to improving both the lives of the customers.

For a full 24 hours, from 9:00am EST on June 16 to 8:59am EST on June 17, member-to-member transactions will be entirely free! That means you won't pay a single cent in fees for any transactions between your friends, family or associates. This does not apply to merchant website purchases. Users must be 18 or older in order to create an account, and accounts are restricted to a $250 daily transaction limit until fully verified.

Also the important update tells about competitive rates on buying and selling Bitcoin via SolidTrust Pay, for it is known for high levels of security and reliability. Additionally, SolidTrust Pay is one of the most functional online platforms in terms of money deposits, transfers, exchanges, purchases and withdrawals, giving users a multitude of options for buying or selling bitcoin.

SolidTrust Pay is pleased to announce that it is now free for merchants to upgrade their business accounts to accept bitcoin. This means merchants and business account holders can now apply completely free and offer their customers one more option to easily make payments for website purchases at the press of a button using bitcoin!

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