HYIP Information Survey (August 557)

Updated: 08/03/2017 13:18
Hyip Monitor
Take your time to read the Hyip Information Survey #557 observing some important updates in the Top Choice section with a couple of newcomers introduced here. Twelve newcomers are introduced in the Openings section, as well as as some hyips were upgraded and some got blacklisted. As for the Problems section there is a short list of Problem hyips and a short list of Closed ones. Some news from the hyips online along with the updates about the recent Bitcoin Hard Fork, which resulted in splitting the currency into two chains are given in the Emoney section below. The Hyip Quotes update with some changes is also provided below.

Today Top Choice
Take a look at the TOP Choice section in the Hyip Information Survey #557 published this Thursday after a month break.

Best Choice
Here is the list of highest rated and most long-term running programs in the list below:

1. HourPower Listed: 266 days Profit: 1.48-10% hourly for 72-24 hours! Term: up to 3 calendar days!
2. Hour Pay Listed: 220 days Profit: 1.1-2.25% hourly for 96 hours 7-10% hourly for 48 hours 15-20% hourly for 24 hours! Term: up to 4 calendar days!
3. HourlyUsd Listed: 215 days Profit: 1.08-1.25% hourly for 96 hours 5-6% hourly for 48 hours 16-21% hourly for 24 hours! Term: up to 4 calendar days!
4. Aurum Bank Listed: 239 days Profit: 0.8-5% daily! Term: up to 260 trading days!
5. Earning Hour Listed: 152 days Profit: 1.1%-24% hourly for 96-24 hours! Term: up to 4 calendar days!
6. Helier Crude Listed: 190 days Profit: 1.35-3.5% daily! Term: up to 110 business days!

1. Hour888 Listed: 119 days Profit: 1.49~15% hourly for 20-70 hours 106.5-3000% after 1-7 days! Term: up to 7 calendar days!
2. Investellect Listed: 141 days Profit: 1.2-1.4% daily 600-1700% after 60-120 days! Term: up to 120 calendar days!
3. Hour Paid Listed: 128 days Profit: 0.9%-20%% hourly for 120-24 hours! Term: up to 5 calendar days!
4. Fatfunds Listed: 122 days! Profit: 2.1% daily! Term: up to 100 business days!
5. We Bit Listed: 86 days Profit: 1.3-1.35% hourly for 80 hours 5-7% hourly for 40 hours 20-30% hourly for 20 hours! Term: as stated above!
6. Pay Invest Listed: 94 days Profit: 0.9-20% hourly for 120-24 hours! Term: up to 5 calendar days!
7. Trusty Hour Listed: 83 days Profit: 0.86-0.93% hourly for 120 hours 1.52-1.86% hourly for 70 hours 30-45% hourly for 12 hours! Term: up to 5 calendar days!
8. Coins Circle Listed: 57 days Profit: 1.11%~1.22% hourly for 96 hours 2.78%~4.06% hourly for 40 hours 9%~13% hourly for 24 hours! Term: up to 4 calendar days!
9. NowDeposit Listed: 48 days Profit: 0.65-1.2% hourly for 160 hours 3-5% hourly for 72 hours 25-30% hourly for 20 hours! Term: up to 6 calendar days!
10. Investsar Listed: 39 days! Profit: 1.08-1.35% hourly for 96 hours 6-8% hourly for 48 hours 17-24% hourly for 24 hours! Term: up to 4 calendar days!

No wonder we could count on some real changes in the Top Choice list after a month brake. So actually there were some. First of all the Best Choice section today counts six programs. Hour Power being listed for 266 listed for now still takes the first place, while Aurum Bank takes the fourth place as one month before.

Hour Pay and HourlyUsd moved up one place accordingly. Two newcomers got promoted to the Best Choice list. Those are Helier Crude and Earning Hour, both listed for quite a decent time at HyipNews, though offering different investment terms. Helier Crude is offering daily return, while Earning Hour, as you can see from the name, gives interests on hourly basis.

Definitely some changes occurred in the Top Performers list as well. Several programs, such as Successful Traders, Jade Valley, BtcClock and Reelwa were removed from the list, obviously after being blacklisted some time ago. Some new programs were introduced to the audience. Trusty Hours, Coins Circle, NowDeposit and Investsar are newcomers here.

The first place here is taken by Hour888, which moved here from the fifth place. BetIncome is now paying though due to technical reasons it was removed from the top. Hour Paid and FatFunds got promoted to third and fourth places accordingly.

HYIP Quotes Analysis
Let us check the list of TOP 5 most quoted Hyips listed at HYIPNews.

Luxearn. Strange thing is that one month has passed since the previous survey was published and Luxearn managed to remain on the Top of the Hyip Quotes list. Even though the quotation index today is lower it's been enough to keep the first place. Since the start of the third decade of July things got more or less stable here. Only once the quotation index moved down reaching the bottom of 136 points on July 26. After that it got back to 168 points and remains stable till now.

Crypto Solutions and Investellect. Investellect returned to the Hyip Quotes Top 5 and today it is sharing the place with Crypto Solutions, which has been here for more than a year. The beginning of the last decade of July was rather positive for Crypoto Solutions as the index stabilized after the decline moving to the level where it is now.

Within five days there were no fluctuations at all as the index stalled at 128 points. On August 2 though it moved three points down. Same thing happened to Investellect, which was stable for nearly a fortnight and on August 2 the index decreased from 128 to 125 points.

Hour Paid, Aurum Bank, Funds Broker and DollarBill. Four programs share the third place here today in the Hyip Quotes Top 5. The graph of DollarBill and Hour Paid look very similar. From July 20 till July 27 there was some messy performance observed. The index of both hyips was going up and down and finally it stabilized on July 27, reached 120 points and hasn't changed since, at least for now.

The performance of Aurum Bank was more like negative. Month ago it used to share the first place and today it's only th third one. That happened after the massive decline, which took place on July 24-26, when the quotation index moved down from 168 to 113 points.

There was some correction three days after, however after reaching 120 points the movement stopped. The performance of Funds Broker has been the most stable out of four programs sharing the third place. There was actually some decline on July 24-29, however followed by the correction up to 120 points and remaining stable till August 2.

Trusted Business. Today the program, which is a newcomer to the Hyip Quotes section, is taking the fourth place. The last ten days of July were stable for this hyip. The quotation index was fluctuating a bit in the range of 121-128 points. Eventually on August 1 it moved down to 98. Thanks to some correction the following day the index moved up to 110 points.

Basically today after the month break the Hyip Quotes includes more than five programs. The first place is stable and taken by Luxearn, the quotation index of which was more or less stable within last 15 days. The second place is shared by Crypto Solutions and Investellect, however the performance of Crypto Solutions looks more positive in terms of quotation index growth.

As for the third place - it is shared by four programs - DollarBill and Hour Paid, who look rather stable, Aurum Bank noted for some negative performance and Funds Broker with the index stable enough to take the third place. The newcomer is welcome today in the Hyip Quotes Top 5. Trusted Business looks rather stable with some fluctuations observed at the end of July.

HYIP Openings
Take your time to see the list of the new programs launched online lately.

Trady up to 5% daily for lifetime!
MaryBets 3% daily up to 50 business days!
LoanEarn 0.6-2% daily up to 150 calendar days!
Laser Online 12% daily up to 12 business days!
Chain.Group 0.1~10% daily up to 500 calendar days!
Trusted Business 192-981% after 5-18 days!
HiDeposit 0.70~35% hourly for 150-15 hours!
Chestwallet 0.1% hourly for lifetime!
Capitalist Assets 1-5% daily up to 45 calendar days!
Bank Of Banks 2% daily up to 90 calendar days!
Crypto Center 0.8-2.8% daily 270-1650% after 45-95 days!
Super Market 3-7% daily 800-2000% after 56-105 days!

It makes no sense to show the entire list of programs launched during the previous month, for the majority of those hyips managed to get blacklisted. So today we are presenting you with the list of hyips added to HyipNews listing within last month, those, which managed to keep on paying for a month time.

Absolute majority of the twelve hyips listed are offering daily interest payouts, while only two along with daily payouts are offering paid-upon-expiry investment plans. And only two programs are paying hourly: HiDeposit and Chestwallet.

HYIP Problems
Once again after a month break we definitely miss on a number of programs, which managed to appear and get blacklisted shortly after that. Some programs, which were paying well managed to get blacklisted as well. Tonight let us share the most actually information about the closed and problem hyips we may have.

As you know from above some programs were removed from the Top Performers section and removed from the list, meaning they were blacklisted. I am talking about Successful Traders, Jade Valley, BtcClock and Reelwa. As for other problem hyips, there are some of them below as well as some listed as closed including BtcInvGroups and BestBtcInvest, currently assigned with Awaiting status.

Diversificator Online - not paying
Top Fx Invest - not paying
Silver Magnet Ltd - not paying
Sonm - not paying
Exo Financial Group - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:
Bit-Increase (20 days), Coin Art Fusion (80 days), BitOyster (23 days), CoinKing (23 days), Profits We Share (9 days), Coinuk (30 days), BestMyCoin (37 days), Sonar Trade (98 days), Coiner Co (382 days), SafeInvLtd (202 days), Quids Invest Inc (13 days), Grand Industrial (26 days).

More recently blacklisted HYIPs can be discovered in the HYIPNews blacklist, following the link above.

HYIP Events
Summer is on its way. Not many progress hence on the industry and hence there are not that many updates from the hyips online. Still some important ones are available and i am pleased to share some latest ones with you.

LaserOnline added to HyipNews 13 days online is gearing up with constant updates, impressive feedback publishing publishing a weekly newsletter block every week – #Laser_Statistic. The admin is sure their platform statistic report will become massive in numbers in coming time. The stats show some real progress compared to the first week. Now there are less than a million dollars in deposits. to be specific numerically $855,628.84 dollars deposited and over 3149 users joined the platform within just 4 weeks. Current total worth of Bitcoin Secure Fund is up to $129,210.21.

Some sites used the hard fork of Bitcoin network hard fork on August 1 as the reason to put payments on hold. So RolyInvestment made a decision to suspend all operations including account interest crediting, deposits, and withdrawals for two days. After August 2 things seem to be back to normal. The software has been updated and prepared for the fork and now all transactions can be carried out safely after the fork.

The admin of CastleInvestment announced the suspension of all BitCoin withdrawals from until August 5th. I have no idea why it should take so long, anyay let's hope it will return stronger after August 5, still the admin commented once everything settle down but it may be extended if the process takes longer. Other payment options work as usual.

Control Finance keeps on developing its multi-language platform. Now the website has been translated into Spanish. Cryptocurrencies are spreading geographically as more and more countries are legalizing the Bitcoin. Control Finance claims to be following this trend and give every customer easy access to information.

E-money News
The most popular crypto currency of the world - bitcoin - was divided into two: classical bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCC). The split of the network (the so-called hardfork) took place on August 1: all owners of bitcoins as of 12:20 UTC received new ones in addition to classical coins in the same amount. HyipNews published the detailed report of the split following the link above.

In fact, BCC turns out to be "free money" as the analysts say. On Wednesday morning, the amount of such "gift" in dollar equivalent was estimated at $ 5 billion, reaching 11 billion some hours later. Bitcoin Cash went up by 130% per day - up to $ 690 per unit, becoming the world's third largest currency-specific currency.

Unfortunately, not all can use the free money. The new currency has so far been supported only by Ledger. Bitfinex, Kraken and Bittrex are ready to trade from the stock exchanges in the bitocco-twin currency as well.

You can also read the latest news about the Payza new features and Genesis Mining Funds Theft report on our portal in the news section. Follow the links above for details.

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