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Updated: 11/16/2017 16:08
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btchash interview
Read the interview with the admin of BtcHash project, learn about the general aspects main principles of the program
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We are pleased to publish the interview with the admin of BtcHash. The program has been listed at HYIPNews for 11 days. Offering 3.84% daily for lifetime, it seems to be an interesting investment source. We are sure our readers would be interested to know about the general aspects and peculiarities of the project.

1) How did you become acquainted with the world of internet investments?

I began to study this area after I myself faced a situation when I invested money in a bank at a very small percentage and suddenly realized that I had risked everything and in the end I would get a penny. I suddenly realized that if I part with my savings at least for a certain period, I would like to receive a tangible financial result in return. This inspired me to create a more dynamic investment project as an alternative to clumsy and slow banks.

2) Did you have experience in the creation of online investment projects?

This is our first investment project and immediately a very successful experience.

3) Are there investment projects that inspired you to create BtcHash? This can be both closed and existing projects.

Perhaps, there were 2 such projects. The first one was AimBTC that paid hourly. I then heard about AimBTC from my friend, who mentioned it as a revolutionary project of such kind for its time (hourly ones were still a wonder), and, by the way, made good money there.

The second one is, of course, BtcClock – the project that has already become legendary and paid every minute. I enthusiastically watched its development and was a sincere admirer of "hours".

Now you can see that in BtcHash, we combined design of AimBTC and software package BtcClock.

4) I think many people noticed a similarity to a certain project successful in the past. Why BtcHash is so similar to BtcClock?

Everything is simple here: I believe that BtcClock was one of the most advanced investment projects of its time, which was one step ahead of all the existing competitors at that time. We very much regret that BtcClock had to stop its activities because of the banal closure of the BTC-e exchange. That is why we did our best to find developers of their software and buy a copy of it. Although it was not cheap for us at all.

I also managed to invite to our team some brilliant traders and analysts of project BtcClock as well as 2 technical support employees.

I will say more: we took into account all the mistakes of BtcClock. We diversify our portfolio and trade not only in crypto-currencies, but also in oil, CFD-contracts, emission quotas, as well as at Forex. Therefore, even if something happens to one trading platform, we will not lose all our funds.

5) How long did it take to prepare BtcHash?

More than half a year. And to launch the project website is only the tip of the iceberg. The lion's share took legal formalities, selection of a team of efficient traders and analysts, planning of work processes taking into account the fact that all team members are from different countries and work remotely.

6) How many people does your team consist of?

We started with 23 people; now we have over 50.

7) How serious do you take the idea of BtcHash? What does it mean to you?

Personally for me as the creator of the project BtcHash symbolizes the beginning of a new era in investments. In this opinion I completely agree with the creators of BtcClock: the world is so dynamic that the traditional methods of making profit from investments have become irrelevant because of the long payback of investments.

8) Do you want to surpass the result of the previously mentioned BtcClock?

We do not seek to surpass anybody's result, we are just set for long-term and, most importantly, stable work.

9) Tell us about your motivation. What is the most important thing for you?

I would be happy to think that I am creating a revolutionary new product that will completely change the attitude of the modern philistine to investments. I believe that it is enough for all of us to use what is imposed on us; we must learn to take from life what is needed exactly for us. That is why the slogan of project BtcHash sounds like "Your money – your rules!"

10) Which questions from the users of BtcHash website you have to answer most often?

Personally I came across 2 types of frequent questions.

The first type is a change of upliner or registration by someone else's link by mistake. The fact is before taking a decision on investments many investors go at different ref. links, forgetting that only the first is recorded in the cookie. Subsequently, when getting registered under the required upliner, going already at its link, the user, of course, gets into the "wrong place". Now the field "affiliate code" (the last digits of upliner's ref. link) has been specifically added in the registration form, by entering which the user will get registered under the right upliner.

The second common type of questions is processing time for Bitcoin transactions. Unfortunately, many users forget about those 3 confirmations of the Blockchain network, which sometimes pass quickly, and sometimes the network "slows down" and the transaction goes on for a long time. Often people come with claims that money has not come turn to us. Unfortunately, in this case, we can only wait for the confirmation of the transaction, in the same way as the investor.

11) How long does it take to work with the project?

Almost the whole day, I personally work 10-12 hours a day.

12) What are the main differences between your investment fund and other ones?

As you probably already noticed, our project allows making profit not once per hour, but once a minute, while also having no restrictions on the time and number of withdrawals. In our opinion, such flexible approach is most effective in today's world, where an individual approach is valued more and more. Our project allows each investor to create his own system, according to which it is convenient for him to work.

13) Can we expect some innovations or changes in the project in the near future?

Of course. One of these days we add a manual change of upliner (for those who has already got registered by mistake by the wrong link), the Portuguese language, and have literally just launched the so awaited Telegram chat of the project.

14) Many people already consider you the TOP admin and recommend the project to their family members, friends and acquaintances. How do you take your popularity? What do you feel?

I will not hide that our whole team feels proud for our success. But such confidence on the part of our investors also obliges us to work at the limit of our capabilities to provide investors with 100% quality service.

15) What secrets can you share with our readers, and what can you wish them in the field of investments?

I want to wish always be wise in the choice of investment projects and find the ones, whose offer is right for you. Do not play by someone else's rules; choose only what is really beneficial.

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