HYIP Information Survey (November 591)

Updated: 11/16/2018 01:52
Hyip Monitor
Take your time to read the Hyip Information Survey #591 observing the absence of Best Choice, most programs showing stable performance in the Top Performers section. Five newcomers in the Openings section, Problem section, which is not that numerous and a massive list of closed programs. Some latest news from the hyips online can be found in the Events section today. Emoney section gives latest update on Bitcoin latest hardfork. The Hyip Quotes presents the readers with some changes in the TOP 5 programs.

Today Top Choice
Take a look at the TOP Choice section in the Hyip Information Survey #591 published this Friday.

HourGuarantee Listed: 281 days Profit: 1.08-1.15% for 96 hours 1.8-2.5% for 60 hours 6-10% for 30 hours! Term: up to 96 hours!
HourPromise Listed: 281 days Profit: 1.05%-1.08% hourly for 100 hours 1.80%-2.5% hourly for 60 hours 8.0%-10% hourly for 30 hours! Term: up to 100 hours!
Derglobal Listed: 364 days Profit: 2.1-3.5% daily for 20-55 days 650-6500% after 25-90 days! Term: up to 90 days!
CoinsZinc Listed: 225 days Profit: 1.45%~1.6% hourly for 72 hours 2.8%~3.3% hourly for 40 hours 13%~18% hourly for 20 hours! Term: up to 72 hours!
HourCheque Listed: 237 days Profit: 1.45-1.54% hourly for 72 hours 4-9% hourly for 48 hours 13-19% hourly for 24 hours! Term: up to 72 hours!
Crypto Source Listed: 314 days Profit: 1.5-5% daily! Term: up to 90 business days!
InstantHour Listed: 175 days Profit: 1.08-1.5% hourly for 96 hours 5.0-8% hourly for 48 hours 18-25% hourly for 24 hours! Term: up to 96 hours!
Armotrade Listed: 159 days Profit: 1% daily! Term: for lifetime!
Family Savings Bank Listed: 170 days Profit: 0.8-8% daily! Term: for 30 calendar days!
Trust Hour Deposit Listed: 127 days Profit: 0.88-1.22% hourly for 120 hours 1.83-3.06% hourly for 60 hours 6.5-20% hourly for 20 hours! Term: up to 120 hours!

Sticky Listing
There is one program in the Sticky listing of HYIPNews today. See the details below:

BTC PRO Listed: 380 days Profit: 145%-300% after 1-4 days, 550%-950% after 8-14 days, 1700%-3500% after 25-120 days!

After a little break HyipNews is publishing the hyip news survey. The Top Choice hyips section today is a bit different from the one a week and a half before. The first two programs in the Top Performers section are still the same. Then there's a newcomer. Derglobal, which is an old-timer at HyipNews, is taking the third place in the Top 10 list. Two more programs moved up in the list. Those are CoinZinc and InstantHour. ArmorTrade is back to the Top Performers section. At the same time two other hyips, which used to be listed in the Top Performers section before, are now blacklisted: HourBtc and Lightning Crypto.

HYIP Quotes Analysis
Let us check the list of TOP 5 most quoted Hyips listed at HYIPNews.

Luxearn and Yesss. Both of these hyips are still taking the lead. However, even though, the quotation index is similar to the one at the end of October, there was some fluctuation, at the result of which the index moved up and down, eventually reaching 184 points by November 14.

Family Savings Bank. This program is still taking the third place. During the first days of November the trend of the quotation index was declining. After the index moved down to 101 points on November 6 the trend changed and within three days rose to 156 points. Slight decline followed this growth again and then finally starting from November 11 till November 14 the quotation index reached 168 points and remained on the second place.

Trust Hour Deposit. The decline, observed before, ended at the end of October. By November 1 quotation index reached 156 points. By November 6, though another declining period was observed. The index moved down to 111 points. On the following day massive growth was observed, which was then followed with massive decline. On November 11 another decline came to an end and quotation index began to grow again, reaching 160 points on November 14.

DollarBill and Funds Broker. Another pair are at the bottom of the Hyip Quotes Top 5. Two hyips are sharing he fourth place traditionally. The similar performance still without changes. For both of these hyips there was a decline observed on November 2-5, when the index fell down to 132 points. However, the following day the quotation index returned to where it used to be. As of November 6, the quotation index of these "twins" makes 136 points.

Back again we can see the two traditional leaders in the Hyip Quotes Top 5. Luxearn and Yesss, which are still on the very top despite serious fluctuations. Family Savings Bank moved up in the list, even though there was some decline, which fortunately changed with the growth. Trust Hour Deposit moves up to the third place as the quotation index was changed from declining to growing several times. DollarBill and Funds Broker are sharing the fourth place today.

HYIP Openings
Take your time to see the list of the new programs launched online lately and listed at HyipNews.

LakeLand Gold 2.2% daily for 21 days!
HourJar 1.45%-19% hourly for 72-20 hours!
Shadow Money 108-150% after 7-25 business days 5% daily for 30 business days!
Exeons 102% back after 24 hours!
FosterBit 3.3-4.1% daily for 48 biz days 1200% after 70 days!

Bitsmart Bixprout Blueforex Btcquon Buisgain Cashengine Dynamic-balance Globalbitmining Lite-company Nettinvest Prohourly Rudebitcoin Tradercrypto Ventasset

This Friday we are pleased to offer five new programs at your attention. Two hyips LakeLand Gold and FosterBit are paying on daily basis, while the last one along with Shadow Money and Exeons is offering paid-upon-expiry plans. There is also one hyip, HourJar, which provides hourly profit to members. Along with those added to HyipNews a number of other hyips have been launched.

HYIP Problems
Out of four programs listed in Problems section last time, two hyips, SkyWay Invest Group and LetFxDo recovered from problem status. Two others have been blacklisted. The current situation in the Problems section seems similar to the one before. There are five programs listed in Problems section, along with FastBtcMoney, listed at HyipNews. Much more numerous is the Closures list, where the list of programs, listed at HyipNews includes the following: HourBtc, Lightning Crypto, CryptoVilla, Xatra Invest, Crystal Token, Netta Chain and HourBs1. All in all the number of closed programs is less numerous than their number in the previous information survey.

SkyWay Invest Group - not paying
Coin Miners Ltd - not paying
Hour Roi Ltd - not paying
Cashbar - not paying
Crypto Control Ltd - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

(34 days), Cytec Trader Ltd (28 days), HourBtc (184 days), Lightning Crypto (204 days), CryptoVilla (46 days), Xatra Invest (108 days), Crystal Token (199 days), Netta Chain (64 days), HourBs1 (15 days), Better Lives 1 (18 days), Grant Epos (106 days), Auction Gold (8 days), MagicB (77 days), Bitex Trading Ltd (20 days), Multi-Coin (48 days), allMoneyCastIng (65 days), Bitunion (69 days).

More recently blacklisted HYIPs can be discovered in the HYIPNews blacklist, following the link above.

HYIP Events
Another news digest is presented at your attention below. Find the latest news from the hyips online. Guru of Finance reported on getting multiple grateful feedback and wishes from its customers to hold promotions monthly. In exchange the staff and authorities of the project, in honor of three months of stable work, announced another promo, which will last for just one day: November 13. According to the terms of the promo additional interest is supposed to be added to customers' accounts on this particular day. The bonus will vary depending on the amount invested:

On deposits of $ 10-100, 1% of the deposit is added.
On deposits of $ 100-300, 2% of the deposit is added.
On deposits from $ 300, 3% of the deposit is added.

Interest will be accrued upon completion of the action on November 14, 2018. Interest is calculated only on deposits made directly, omitting the refback and indirect deposit.

Token Logic launched a bounty program which is a reward system similar to traditional Affiliates and Representatives programs, which bring you a 4% and 8% return relative to the deposits made by each of your referrals. The difference is that opposed to the fixed referral-based income of these programs there's no limit to the number of bounties you can pick up on behalf of Token Logic. A number of them has been setup and new ones will be appearing and adapted to the project. Every member, though, should be aware that each bounty has a few simple guidelines one should follow for payout to be completed successfully.

More upcoming events have been announced by the Splitt project, listed at HyipNews for 119 days. For the first time the summit is going to be held in Italy. Another summit is to be held in Ghanna. Thailand is also active: 4th part of the summit will take place and Splitt Cafe is to be opened in Thailand as well. In the nearest future the Events Request Form will be available on the website, where one can apply for the Event to be held in a desirable region.

Agarwal Crypto Trading is launching a Bounty Program, which gives out cash for members' activity in promoting the website. It is recommended to promote the project on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Telegram, Discussion Forums or personal blogs, writing articles and sharing it online.

Obviously to apply for th cash prize one should meet the certain terms to join the Bounty Program. The terms are available on the website of Agarwal Crypto Trading and also you can see them quoted below:

General Terms Of Joining The Bounty Program
1. You should be registered AgarwalCrypto.com user with active deposit (min. 10 USD)
2. The bounty program excludes: monitor's websites, all persons and companies that already receive payment for advertising from Agarwal Crypto Trading Limited.
3. The submitted tasks must be published not earlier than from 22 Sept 2018.
4. Copying the contents of older materials, and from other users (screenshots, photos, videos) is strictly prohibited.
5. The published materials must contain only content of AgarwalCrypto.com. It is forbidden to publish content combined with other advertisements. All descriptions must contain only a link forwarding to AgarwalCrypto.com website.
6. Your Social Media accounts must be legitimate and at least 3 months old.
7. Rewards will be paid after checking your work, within 24 hours of sending the Application Form.
8. We reserve the right to refuse the application for a reward if we notice that minimum one points of the rules has been violated or the user has committed a different type of abuse.

Once you complete all the tasks, feel free to fill the application form, following the address: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeOi0Y7wtOIzsgIK3fw/viewform
The cash rewards will be sent directly to member's account within 24 hours after submitting the application.

It is highly recommended to follow the news and events on the project's website to see the features, additions and upgrades, which are supposed to be introduced to the members in the near future. Particularly, in the nearest week Agarwal Crypto Trading website will be available in several language versions to further support all investors from around the world.

Derglobal, listed at HyipNews for 364 days, celebrates one year online. On this occasion many new features have been added to the website, including the regional representative program. More information about the details of the representative program can b found on the official website.

E-money News
Bitcoin Cash activated hardfork, which divided the fourth largest cryptocurrency network into two competing versions, still referred to by their main software clients - Bitcoin ABC (BCHABC) and Bitcoin SV (BCHSV).

On the eve of the hardfork BCHABC, whose renewed client activates functions on the “official” Bitcoin Cash roadmap, had a critical advantage — economically and in terms of community support. Nearly three-quarters of all node operators chose ABC, and only 8% chose SV.

The main BitMEX researcher, Jonathan Björ, predicted that the cost-effective majority would soon prevail, as miners would rather abandon the BCHSV chain rather than indefinitely keep mining at a loss.

The leading Bitcoin ABC developer Amory Seshe refused to change the PoW hashing algorithm on which BCH operates as a “last resort” to protect the ABC chain if the supported SV miners successfully transfer the attack to their network.

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