HYIP Information Survey (April 605)

Updated: 04/11/2019 15:15
Hyip Monitor
Take your time to read the milestone Hyip Information Survey #605 observing the absence of Best Choice, some changes observed in the Top Performers section. One newcomer is in the Openings section, the Problem section, including lots of new programs. The list of closed programs is rather short though also includes a number of those used to be listed HyipNews. Some latest news from the hyips online can be found in the Events section today. Emoney section provides readers with the major update of the policy at Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange, as the minimum deposit threshold was lowered. The Hyip Quotes presents the readers with some updates in the TOP 5 list, as one newcomer is introduced in TOP 5.

Today Top Choice
Take a look at the TOP Choice section in the Hyip Information Survey #605 published this Thursday.

Exeons Listed: 156 days Profit: 102%! Term: within 24 hours!
All Hours Pay Listed: 98 days Profit: 1.1%-5.6% Hourly! Term: for 96-24 hours!
BitWealth Company Listed: 273 days Profit: up to 50% daily! Term: multiple terms available!
PayinHour Listed: 133 days Profit: 0.86-9.87%% hourly! Term: for 121-31 hours!
Proledgr Listed: 64 days Profit: 3-5% daily for 60-30 biz days 200% after 30 days!
SuperCrypto Listed: 69 days Profit: 1.22-3.06% hourly for 120-60 hours 10-25% hourly for 24 hours 66% daily for 2 days 1200-6000% after 5-9 days
EmPower Forex Listed: 45 days Profit: 2.1-2.9% daily for 15-55 days 150-5000% after 15-90 days!
Cryptex Trade Listed: 23 days Profit: 110-5000% after 1-360 days!
EvenRex Listed: 48 days Profit: 0.4-1.67% daily for 5-9 month!
Hour High Yield Listed: 13 days Profit: 0.89-1.1% hourly for 120 hours 3.3-5% hourly for 50 hours 13-24% hourly for 24 hours!

This week we are sorry to say two hyip investment programs, which used to be listed in the Top Performers list are now blacklisted: Forest4, used to be Sticky listed and Armotrade are now blacklisted. As the result today we are lack of Sticky listing in the Top Choice list. There is also a newcomer, replacing the blacklisted hyip - Hour High Yield, listed at HyipNews for less than 2 weeks and managed to get on top. One more change is the positions exchange between Cryptex Trade and EvenRex. As for the rest - no changes, as Exeons is taking the lead.

HYIP Quotes Analysis
Let us check the list of TOP 5 most quoted Hyips listed at HYIPNews.

Yesss. Another week and this hyip opportunity is back on top of the Hyip Quotes section, showing stable performance with the quotation index at the level of 160 points and slight fluctuation observed as the quotation index fell 4 points down and then back to the level of 160 points.

Hour High Yield. The program is the newcomer both in the listing and the Hyip Quotes section. The growth of the quotation index shown since the start of April has been enormous. Within just 9 days it grew from 0 to 144 points on April 10. GReat result and a well-deserved second place for the program.

Funds Broker and DollarBill. Funds Broker managed to stay on the second place last Friday and today we are back to the situation when it is sharing a place with DollarBill. There was a trend like that before and today both these hyips are sharing the third place. Once again their performance looks very much similar as slight fluctuations have been observed.

PayinHour and InstantHour. This time these two programs are sharing the fourth place, as DollaBill returns to the Hyip Quotes above them. The trend of PayinHour has been rising till April 8 and then moved down to 120 points by April 10. The performance of InstantHour was more stable at the same period. Light fluctuations were observed, however, they haven't affected the general performance of the program as the quotation index reached 120 points on April 10 as well.

There are certain changes in the Hyip Quotes today. Even though, top first place is stable and taken by Yesss, which has been showing stable performance day by day. Hour High Yield, added to HyipNews listing 13 days ago managed to get on the second place thanks to the rapid hyip quotation growth observed since the start of April. Back again we are observing two programs: Funds Broker and DollarBill sharing places, while PayinHour and InstantHour, being more or less stable within last week are also sharing one place in the Hyip Quotes of the Hyip Information Survey #605.

HYIP Openings
Take your time to see the list of the new programs launched online lately and listed at HyipNews.

HourJustPaid 1.49%~1.80% Hourly for 70 hours 5.00%~6.00% hourly for 30 hours 12%-18% hourly for 15 hours!

Betwin Bintel Bitdepository Bitroi Brix-money Exprobit Exway Fxcontractor Hourparadise Investfly Ruizcoin Spidercoin Successful-innovation Wweinvest Youmilez Yourbitcoin

Today we are glad to introduce one hyip added to HyipNews recently. HourJustPaid, as we can see from the name of the hyip investment opportunity is an hourly paying investment project, with the maximum investment period of 70 hours. The list of alternative hyip investment programs today is less numerous than the one we introduced to your attention last week. Nevertheless, there might be some new hyips, worth taking a closer look at. Take your time to verify any investment opportunity you are planning to add to the hyip investment portfolio of your own.

HYIP Problems
As we mentioned earlier, two hyip investment programs, which used to be Top listed last week are now blacklisted: Armotrade and Forest4. In addition to them, two more hyip projects: Doubly, used to be listed for 127 days and Miner Star, listed for 20 days, are now blacklisted as well and not recommended for deposits. Two projects, used to be Problem still remain in the list of problem hyips. Those are IOX Trades and Mega Passive Cycler Ltd, other two have been blacklisted - Profit Up Hour Ltd and Cointative. Two more have managed to recover and get back to paying status, at least for now: Infinite-Wealth and Atlantos.

IOX Trades - not paying
Mega Passive Cycler Ltd - not paying
Escading Group - not paying
Indigo Income - not paying
Resolute Capital - not paying
Bit Ico - not paying
SmartProfits - not paying
Zend Crypto Network - not paying
Pacific Trade - not paying
TheNexius - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

Profit Up Hour Ltd (41 days), Cointative (29 days), Miner Star (20 days), Doubly (127 days), Sosinvest (254 days), FXOption (20 days).

More recently blacklisted HYIPs can be discovered in the HYIPNews blacklist, following the link above.

HYIP Events
Caribbean Dream, listed at HyipNews for 280 days, has launched online support on the official website to help anyone willing to learn about the market specifics and technical aspects of working with the project. Online chat operators are there to help and answer all questions in a proper and timely manner.

Big news arrive from Empower Forex, listed at HyipNews for 45 days, who published another trading report in the beginning of April telling about the success of the project and the milestones achieved. So Empower Forex company is developing along with the market, so the team of traders starts using even more company resources to trade in cryptocurrency markets. A high level of volatility allows making a large number of transactions with a huge income of 10-50% per day.

Mr. Richard Jones, the Empower Forex representative, explains in details which cryptocurrencies helped him to earn 41% per day, which is (if true) a stunning result, indeed. Let me quote his words not to lose the main point of the publication:

"I prefer to trade less well-known cryptocurrencies, since it often demonstrates huge jumps. At the same time, I do not ignore cryptocurrency flagships such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. March 30 is the day when I managed to earn +41% per day. Let us quickly consider cryptocurrencies that helped me to achieve such a result. Ethereum, racing from $141 to $148, consisting about 5% of the profits. Ripple grew from $0.307 to $0.325, consisting about 6% of the profit. NEO grew from $9.37 to $10.32, consisting more than 10% of the profits. Augur grew from $14.38 to $17.19, consisting almost 20% of the profits. Thus, I got the income in the amount of 41% just within 1 day. This is an incredible result, even I got surprised!"

Empower Forex has achieved the great milestone of 20000 investors joined. The team of the project is grateful for the support and all contribution in developing the investment plans. With the help of all investors, the revenues achieved by Empower Forex were reported to exceed $5 mln. The team of the project is not going to stop and within next two weeks mobile application is going to be integrated, the Empower Forex investment platform will be right at hand, available both for IOS and Android devices.Grailum Ltd. has released several major news updates telling about GXM Exchanges negotiations less than 90 prior to the launch of Grailum GXM.

As it's been reported there are currently talks with 30 interested exchanges and many more are expected to to join before the launch date 30th. of June 2019 where all exchanges adopted Grailum GXM will be announced to public. Also the specialists from Grailum Ltd. have started to get in contact with script providers for different interest of categories offering integration and help to integrate Grailum GXM payment and API gateways to get Grailum coin widely in use before entering the large trading exchanges end of this year. In a few months, there are plans to start rebuilding a line of free open source scripts and integrate Grailum coin to it. This will be interesting for any who plan to start a new online business in the following categories:

- Coin Exchanges
- Coin listing
- Coin wallet
- Investment script
- Advertising script
- MLM script

All scripts will be available on the Grailum GitHub account for free download and rebuild is complete.

Bizzilion urges the customers to be vigilant, because due to the high popularity of the company, fraud cases in the Telegram messenger using the name Bizzilion have become frequent. Attackers make mailings from fake accounts and offer to invest in the platform, providing third-party account information for transmission.

In order to avoid undesirable situations, there's another reminder from the official Bizzilion website that all financial transactions should be made only through the official website, the link to which is given above. If you have any doubts and questions, you can always clarify the information you are interested in by contacting the company's support service.

Continuing to improve the functionality of the platform, the Bizzilion team expands the list of available currencies adding Ethereum Classic coin, now widely used for payment transactions worldwide. From now on, all users have the opportunity to invest in the platform and withdraw funds to Ethereum Classic.

E-money News
The popular cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex opened its professional trading platform for everyone, eliminating the requirement for its customers to keep at least $10,000 in capital.

Bitfinex stated that this rule change is a result of an increase in demand from traders for their professional trading platform. Given the relatively high minimum capital requirements, the exchange is now aimed at retail investors. But more popular explanation is possibly the lack of clients in such a market at high stakes.

The platform introduced the requirement in November 2017, in fact, positioned itself as an exchange for professional traders, and therefore announced such a high threshold for entering the platform. CEO Jean-Louis van der Velde said that for the past six months, the exchange has been working on how to make its offer available to a wider audience.

"For the last six months, we have been working hard to ready our platform for a new wave of customer accounts and are now in a position to open Bitfinex to a wider audience."

In addition to eliminating a threshold of $10,000, Bitfinex also showed new improvements and features that were implemented on the exchange:

- Updated support center with automatic answers to frequently asked questions;
- New KYC portal for quick processing of customer identity documents using third-party tools;
- Information about the Santiment token, which is an educational section for each cryptocurrency available on the platform.

Since the cryptocurrency market is showing signs of rebirth, Bitfinex uses the opportunity to start working with retail traders, as well as catch up with competitors Coinbase and Binance. One of the notable trends that is currently developing in the cryptocurrency space is the growing popularity of the initial exchange offers (IEO). Demand is mainly determined by retail investors, and it is not surprising if Bitfinex offers a similar service in the near future.

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