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Updated: 04/26/2019 10:07
Hyip Monitor
Take your time to read the milestone Hyip Information Survey #607 observing the absence of Best Choice, some changes observed in the Top Performers section. Two newcomers are in the Openings section, the Problem section, including Proledgr and some new programs as well. The list of closed programs is less numerous this week. Some latest news from the hyips online can be found in the Events section today. Emoney section provides readers with the latest news about Bitfinex, the funds loss and how it affected the Bitcoin price lately. The Hyip Quotes presents the readers with some updates in the TOP 5 list, as the programs are showing more or less stable performance in TOP 5.

Today Top Choice
Take a look at the TOP Choice section in the Hyip Information Survey #607 published this Friday.

Exeons Listed: 171 days Profit: 102%! Term: within 24 hours!
All Hours Pay Listed: 113 days Profit: 1.1%-5.6% Hourly! Term: for 96-24 hours!
BitWealth Company Listed: 288 days Profit: up to 50% daily! Term: multiple terms available!
PayinHour Listed: 148 days Profit: 0.86-9.87%% hourly! Term: for 121-31 hours!
SuperCrypto Listed: 84 days Profit: 1.22-3.06% hourly for 120-60 hours 10-25% hourly for 24 hours 66% daily for 2 days 1200-6000% after 5-9 days
Cryptex Trade Listed: 38 days Profit: 110-5000% after 1-360 days!
Unlimited Wealth Listed: 24 days Profit: 112-170% after 1-3 days 420-1200% after 7-15 days 4200-6400% after 30-45 days!
EvenRex Listed: 63 days Profit: 0.4-1.67% daily for 5-9 month!
Hour High Yield Listed: 28 days Profit: 0.89-1.1% hourly for 120 hours 3.3-5% hourly for 50 hours 13-24% hourly for 24 hours!
Finorion Listed: 8 days Profit: 40-350% After 1-6 days 550-1100% After 9-18 days 1500-2500% After 36-80 days!

The Top 10 programs listed at HyipNews today seem to be nearly the same as those eight days ago. There are two exceptions. First of all, we are sorry to say Proledgr has started to experience problems, followed by missing payouts and as the result the hyip investment program has been assigned with the Problem status and hence removed from Top Choice list. It has been replaced by the newcomer, Finorion hyip, added to HyipNews just 8 days ago.

HYIP Quotes Analysis
Let us check the list of TOP 5 most quoted Hyips listed at HYIPNews.

Yesss. Another week and this hyip opportunity is back on top of the Hyip Quotes section, showing stable performance with the quotation index at the level of 160 points and slight fluctuation observed as the quotation index has been falling 4 points down and then back to the level of 160 points day to day.

Hour High Yield. After reaching the mark of 144 points there has been a stable period observed as the index was fluctuating a bit. During the period from April 22-24 there was a slight decline as the index fell to 126 points. The following day though it recovered and moved back to 144 points, which means it's a well-deserved second place for the hyip.

Funds Broker. It's been the most stable performance among all programs in the Top 5 of the Hyip Quotes section. There haven't been a quotation index fluctuations or changes from April 14 and by April 24 the index is still 136 points.

All Hours Pay. It's a comeback for this hyip. On April 17 the quotation index of the hyip was as low as 64 points. During next four days the hyip investment program observed massive growth of the quotation index as it moved up to 112 points. The trend changed a bit as the index went down to 94 points on April 24, however on April 25 the quotation index rose again and reached 122 points, which is enough for taking the fourth place.

DollarBill. Last time this hyip was sharing the third position with Funds Broker. Things looked similar until recently, when on April 24 the quotation index fell down to 120 points and today it's just the fifth place in the Hyip Quotes section.

Today we can see more or less stable performance of the Hyips in the Hyip Quotes section. Yesss is taking the lead. Hour High Yield even despite slight decline managed to recover and take the second place. Funds Broker has been showing the most stable performance among all the programs included. The newcomer is welcome back to the Hyip Quotes Top 5, after showing massive quotation index growth, reaching the top of 122 points on April 25. And finally, DollarBill is on the fifth place, being stable till recently, when the quotation index moved down to 120 points on April 25.

HYIP Openings
Take your time to see the list of the new programs launched online lately and listed at HyipNews.

Finorion 140-350% After 1-6 days 550-1100% After 9-18 days 1500-2500% After 36-80 days!
Investium 6-13.44% daily for 30 days!

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Two new hyip investment programs have been added to HyipNews within last eight days. Finorion, paying on the expiry of investment plans and Investium, paying on daily basis. There is also a traditional list of hyip investment programs, launched lately as you can see from the list above.

HYIP Problems
We are sorry to say though one hyip investment program, added to HyipNews 79 days ago, Proledgr, has become Problem after the program stopped paying. The last payment received was on April 13 and hence the hyip is obviously close to be listed as a scam along with other programs, listed in Closures section, which includes, among others 24PayGold, another program, used to be listed at HyipNews for a bit more than a month. All in all, both Problems and Closures lists are not really numerous. See the details below.

Proledgr - not paying
Prospect Bit Ltd - not paying
Atlantos - not paying
Access Profit Ltd - not paying
Profitable Coins - not paying
Future Benefits - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

24PayGold (38 days), TheNexius (43 days), Bitpaybots (33 days), Financebit (29 days), Tanaris (27 days), Crypto Amity Ltd (22 days), Bit Depository Ltd (19 days), Blondo Holdings (17 days), ValleyBit (35 days), FutureNode (43 days).

More recently blacklisted HYIPs can be discovered in the HYIPNews blacklist, following the link above.

HYIP Events
Please take your time to check up with the latest news from the hyips online. Brilliant Alliance enabled the new payment option, which gives opportunity to make deposits via Payeer. Apart from that German language has been added to the official website.

Zonders hyip investment launched a unique innovative trading bot with a lossless strategy and unlimited operational time. As claimed Zonders managed to unite powerful trading algorithms with pre-defined profit margins. LONG and SHORT link of strategies, created by the specialists, is reported to be loss-free – in case of a price drop, the bot is purchasing assets in part, selling everything when the price is rising , and buy the sold items upon the next price drop. Then again it sells on the increase and provides the constant profit to the deposit.

The developers Zonders calculated the optimum size of profit 7.3%. The trading bot was totally tested by our company on several trading platforms for the 5-month period and demonstrated consistent automated work and stable profitability in calculated measurements. There is some good news for the VIP investors of Zonders as well. A new termless investment plan "ZONDERS SPECIAL" has been launched especially for this group of investors. Take a closer look at the terms of the new plan available:

Term – termless
Profit – 7.3% a day on a LIFELONG basis
Amount limit – 20000$ – 100000$
Deposit body – works in the system without time limits.

Caribbean Dream Asia is a subsidiary of the international holding company Caribbean Dream, listed at HyipNews for 295 days. It has official registration in three jurisdictions and conducts its financial activities throughout the world. The Asian division of the Caribbean Dream holding began its development from a small company engaged in trading on the stock markets and tracking futures for potentially strong coins.

The experts from Caribbean Dream are now involved in technical and fundamental analysis of Asian markets, especially the Korean market. The special attention is paid to the official event in Bali, where Caribbean Asia (caribbean-asia.com) – a subsidiary of the holding, was publicly represented. Another important tool for making profit will be the token, Caribbean Dream is planning to integrate soon.

Caribs Coin can open up completely new opportunities in investment approaches, reserve fund management and investor insurance. Also, it will reduce commission costs when using holding tools, which will give additional income to Caribbean Dream Asia investment portfolios. In the future, more events and presentations are planned to be held in Asia with the purpose to attract opinion leaders to popularize the brand in Asia.

E-money News
The prosecutor of New York claims that the Bitfinex cryptocurrency exchange lost $850 million and subsequently used the USDT stablecoin owned by Tether to hide the fact of these losses occurred. The news has been reported by by The Wall Street Journal and Coindesk.

According to the press release, New York Prosecutor Letitia James received a court decision against iFinex, which manages both Bitfinex and Tether. According to the court's decision, both companies must "stop violating the laws of New York and mislead New Yorkers." James said that the investigation revealed the fact that iFinex has been hiding a loss of $850 million of client and corporate funds.

It is alleged that Bitfinex sent $850 million of client and corporate funds to the payment operator Crypto Capital, which allegedly also deposited funds on other cryptocurrency exchanges, including the notorious Canadian exchange QuadrigaCX. It is alleged that $700 million from the Tether reserve fund were used to cover the losses, but this information was not disclosed to customers.

According to the court order, management, employees, contractors, and any other persons, iFinex is prohibited from accessing, borrowing or making any other claims to Tether reserves. Other iFinex related persons are prohibited from making any changes to documents or records that may be relevant to this case.

Bitfinex and Tether representatives told the prosecutor that Crypto Capital refuses to return its funds to the cryptocurrency exchange, citing their confiscation by the authorities of Portugal, Poland and the United States.

After the publication of the press release on The Wall Street Journal and Coindesk, Bitcoin lost 6% in an hour. By the time of publishing the news the Bitcoin stands on the price $5,279.18

Recall that Tether recently released another 300 million USDT; from April 1, the capitalization of the most popular dollar stablecoin increased by $800 million and now stands at $2.84 billion.

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