HYIP Information Survey (May 608)

Updated: 05/03/2019 21:29
Hyip Monitor
Take your time to read the milestone Hyip Information Survey #608 observing the absence of Best Choice, some changes observed in the Top Performers section. Three newcomers are in the Openings section, the Problem section is not really numerous and only includes three hyips. The list of closed programs is more numerous and includes three hyips listed at HyipNews. Some latest news from the hyips online can be found in the Events section today. Emoney section provides readers with the latest news from the cryptocurrency market, Ethereum forecast, Bitcoin possibly going "up to the moon". The Hyip Quotes presents the readers with some updates in the TOP 5 list, as the programs are showing more or less stable performance in TOP 5.

Today Top Choice
Take a look at the TOP Choice section in the Hyip Information Survey #608 published this Friday.

Exeons Listed: 178 days Profit: 102%! Term: within 24 hours!
All Hours Pay Listed: 120 days Profit: 1.1%-5.6% Hourly! Term: for 96-24 hours!
BitWealth Company Listed: 295 days Profit: up to 50% daily! Term: multiple terms available!
PayinHour Listed: 155 days Profit: 0.86-9.87%% hourly! Term: for 121-31 hours!
SuperCrypto Listed: 91 days Profit: 1.22-3.06% hourly for 120-60 hours 10-25% hourly for 24 hours 66% daily for 2 days 1200-6000% after 5-9 days
Cryptex Trade Listed: 45 days Profit: 110-5000% after 1-360 days!
Unlimited Wealth Listed: 31 days Profit: 112-170% after 1-3 days 420-1200% after 7-15 days 4200-6400% after 30-45 days!
Finorion Listed: 15 days Profit: 40-350% After 1-6 days 550-1100% After 9-18 days 1500-2500% After 36-80 days!
Hour High Yield Listed: 35 days Profit: 0.89-1.1% hourly for 120 hours 3.3-5% hourly for 50 hours 13-24% hourly for 24 hours!
Oilinv Listed: 44 days Profit: 0.5-1.25% daily for 200 days!

The upper part of the HyipNews Top Performers list is without any changes. The major changes occur in the bottom part of the list, where we can see EvenRex going blacklisted and Finorion exchanging positions with Hour High Yield. Instead of EvenRex, which is obviousy removed from the top, we are pleased to introduce Oilinv, listed at HyipNews for 44 days at the bottom of the Top Performers list today in the Hyip Information Survey #608.

HYIP Quotes Analysis
Let us check the list of TOP 5 most quoted Hyips listed at HYIPNews.

Yesss. Another week and this hyip opportunity is back on top of the Hyip Quotes section, showing stable performance with the quotation index at the level of 160 points and slight fluctuation observed as the quotation index has been falling maximum 3 points down and then back to the level of 160 points day to day.

DollarBill and Funds Broker. The quotation index of DollarBill raised on April 25 from 120 to 136 points. Since then until May 1 it's been more or less stable performance as the index wasn't changing much. As the result this hyip moved up in the list and now it is sharing it with Funds Broker. The last one, is back again sharing one of the most stable performances lately, as slight fluctuations have still been observed.

Hour High Yield. After reaching the mark of 144 points there has been a stable period observed as the index was fluctuating a bit. During the period from April 22-24 there was a slight decline as the index fell to 117 points. The following day though it recovered and moved back to 138 points, and then a little bit down again to 135 points, which means it's a well-deserved third place for the hyip.

All Hours Pay. It's been a massive comeback for this hyip last Friday. Today the project stands a bit lower in the list of most quoted hyips in the Hyip Information Survey. Reaching the top of 128 points there has been a very stable performance observed until April 29. Since then the trend is declining. By May 2 the quotation index is 119 points, which is still enough for taking the fourth place in the survey.

PayinHour. Starting from April 27 things changed for the majority of PayinHour customers. The quotation index was going down and down until finally it reached the bottom of 117 points. That turned out to be enough for the hyips investment to be taking the ultimate place in the Hyip Information Survey #608 today.

After a decent delay PayinHour managed to get back in the Hyip Quotes section, even despite the declining trend, which is now obvious. Yesss is #1, again! Congratulations on keeping the pace. DollarBill and Funds Broker are sharing the places again, while All Hours Pay, after showing a massive comeback last Friday the trend changed to is declining. By May 2 the quotation index is 119 points, which is still enough for taking the fourth place in the Hyip Information Survey #608.

HYIP Openings
Take your time to see the list of the new programs launched online lately and listed at HyipNews.

ProfitEx Club 101.75-106% after 1-3 days 2.1-6% daily for 24 days!
Signum Trade 150-380% after 1-5 days 600-1500% after 10-20 days!
Alpha Intelect 2.5-4% daily for 25-40 days!

Alfa-bank Alphahours Benefitsgenerator Bit-invasion Bitcoinbase Bitcoinoury Bitmints Bitprofits Bits-lucky Bizzilion Botcoinexo Capitaa Cloudware Coinanza Coindavos Coinsgo Coinspal Comfort-way Doublecry Eco-venture Eimantas Fx-golden Goldenhours Gpi Hexogen Highyieldinvestmentprogram Hourlybit Icodeposit Lightcoins M4invest Mmctrading Payingminute Perfectincome Pluscoinonline Puzzhourly Rainbowtrade Savemore Securestock Smartforex Terbium7 Thedeposit Ton-gram Trueinvestment Ultraforex Vertexpays Vo1tdepository Zonedollar

Here in the Openings section we are introducing three programs, recently added to HyipNews. ProfitEx Club, offering both paid-upon-expiry and daily paying plans, Signum Trade paying only after the expiry of 1-20 days, depending on the plan chosen and Alpha Intelect paying daily. Investium hyip, introduced last Friday is now blacklisted and obviously not recommended for investing. There is traditionally a list of other hyips launched recently available.

HYIP Problems
We are sorry to say though two hyip investment programs, added to HyipNews: EvenRex, listed for 70 days, which has been previously included in the Top Performers list, and Investium, just introduced to the readers' audience last Friday, are now blacklisted and not recommended for investing. The Problems list today does not include many hyips, basically there are only three of them. The Closures list, apart from those, mentioned above includes a number of other hyips, which have been recently closed. See the details below.

PiliCoins Ltd - not paying
Infinite-Wealth - not paying
High Yield Investment 2019 - not paying

And here below you may find the list of programs that are closed eventually:

EvenRex (70 days), Investium (14 days), Proledgr (86 days), Prospect Bit Ltd (80 days), Atlantos (67 days), Access Profit Ltd (43 days), Profitable Coins (21 days), Future Benefits (132 days), Dollar Play (26 days), Tradebull Ltd (11 days), Fstbinary (29 days).

More recently blacklisted HYIPs can be discovered in the HYIPNews blacklist, following the link above.

HYIP Events
Please take your time to check up with the latest news from the hyips online. Grailum delivers massive update announcing only 60 days left until the start of connecting Crailum Coin to the long list of exchanges online. As it's been reported, the list of exchanges includes: HitBTC, Binance, Kucoin, btc-alpha, Yobit, Livecoin, Crypto and Changer.com. Between June 30 and the end of the year these ones will be adding Grailum coin definitely as more options will be added once agreement is reached. When the coin sale expire in 60 days customers will only be able to buy Grailum coin on the online exchanges to their rate. For now the sale price of the coin is 20cents plus a transfer bonus on 50% you get 1 GXM for (only 13.33cents) what will ensure you a significant high profit within a year. Before the exchanges add the coin it's now the best time to get the coins at lower price, especially taking into account Grailum coin is now marked in a strong bull-direction pulling up all the coin values on the increasing volume trading.

Grailum coin update is not the only one reported. Apart from that the management of the project informs of successful setup of multiple social accounts and the start of a heavy promotion to kick of a campaign aimed directly for cryptocurrency of interest. The links to social accounts can be found in the footer of Grailum official website. The list includes the following social accounts: Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Private, Linkedin Company, Tumblr, Youtube channel, Medium, Bitcoin Talk, Reddit, GitHub, Telegram user, Telegram Group, Telegram Channel, Instagram, Discord.

Popular crypto channel made a review on Hooplex hyip investment community and its Lexera technology. The video, which can be accessed, following the addres: https://youtu.be/I61VMit8sus reminds of the primary goal set, which is to refer 1 million members. Meeting with potential investors is also a step towards reaching the goal and so Hooplex held one on May 1. The training was held in HORISSON HOTEL.JL : SOEKARNO-HATTA, PASURUAN CITY and covered such topics as Empowering team building marketing plan, BAck Office to fasten big income and prosperity.

WaveRider celebrates 1 month online and welcomes every member to share their investment experience on social websites: Facebook and Telegram, particularly in the official Telegram community in multiple languages.

E-money News
The second largest cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) in 2019 may show a better development than in previous periods of its history.

The behavior of the coin in the first quarter indicates not only a more significant growth before the end of the year, but also an improvement in the bandwidth of its blockchain. A report prepared by TWN analysts says that, compared to 2018, the ETH project will now develop in a different direction.

Developers are faced with the task of constantly scaling the network of cryptocurrencies and creating the most comfortable conditions for users, especially for those involved in launching decentralized applications.

Despite the general recovery in market activity, the majority of cryptocurrency investors still have "digital gold" in their portfolios. This, in particular, is evidenced by the current Bitcoin domination index, which almost reached the values of September 2018. It is also worth noting that the capitalization of BTC exceeded $100 billion, corresponding to November last year.

In the last 24 hours, BTC has outstripped Litecoin, EOS, Binance Coin, Cosmos and Tezos. Currently, the first cryptocurrency is being traded at around $5830, according to the CoinMarketCap, and the growth, apparently, is not going to weaken yet. However, some analysts believe that soon things can change - the recovery of altcoins will accelerate, reducing the degree of dominance of "digital gold".

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