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Deposit min/max: $5 / $50.000
Profit: 1-2.5% daily,
170-180% after 30 days!
Withdrawal: instant payouts
Referral: 5% per each deposit
Monitored Plan:
Our investment: $251
Daily payout: $30 calendar
ROI: not in profit
Investors rate: rating point rating point rating point rating point rating point
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Malcom Arsley Holding Incorporate is a private trading company since 2009, speciliazed in funds managements for private investors. Mahifund is the full property and a registered brand of Malcom Arsley Holding Inc. Using Mahifund website's, we are offering a variant approach of funds management to private investors, by minimizing cost of managements with usual requierements of investments. MahiFund allow you to invest enjoying the work and experience of professionals traders, starting only from $5 when most of company won't accept deposit less than 10,000 units.

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The analytics given below gives visual image of the correlation ratio between deposits to interest payouts and profit earned, as well as the dates and amounts of dividends payments.
MAHI Fund payments history MAHI Fund investment perfomance
Below we quote some information from the site of their business principles and history.

Our Work

This is not a secret! Each investment company want to reach the best profits in the shortest time, with the less risk possible for customers and the company. Our company meets all those requierements and choose to be active on most of big markets such as Forex, Real estates, Gas and Oil, assets managements and more. Investing in various markets allow us to reach the best ratio in terms of profits and risks for our customers and our company.

Benefits of the company are debited on the benefits we made with the management of funds, instead of debit directly a management fees on your initial deposit, as most of forex company are doing without your acceptance. This is the main difference with Malcom Arsley Holding inc. and this is the main proof of a total trust in the company's actions on various markets. As Malcom is often saying during our weekly meeting : "You must act like for your own money and trust in yourself before to obtain trust of people to manage their funds! Never miss it!


Greetings, dear investors and visitors. Today the world of HYIP has changed. HYIPNews is working hard to give you hottest news and statistic. We are always trying to give information you need in the form you like. Today we want to tell you about great project appeared on our site 14 days ago. We all hope that they will help you to earn on Summer holidays. But still, you should remember that HYIP industry is quite risky game and you always can loose your deposit. In this case at this time it will be really unpredictable result.
Due to the information on the official site, MAHI Fund ( is trading since 2009. It is the full property and a registered brand of Malcom Arsley Holding Inc. Using This domain was registered on 31/03/2011 and it is paid till 31/03/2012. Of course the official company is great but I am sure that our investors and visitors need more than words. Especially in this field where such things called legend.

I am sure that our auditory needs program that can be trusted. Well, at least the whole impression of this program - administration has done everything to make investors feel confidence with them. This part of the job is done well. Let?s look at the most interesting and important side of any HYIP project.

Investment Plans. As we all know, there are many investment plans around the sphere of HYIP industry. We may choose any daily percent of payouts or any term. Anyway, it looks like chaos and it is good to know that MAHIFund has only three but unique investment plans for you to choose. Stable percent of payouts make us think that program has strong plan due to which all investors will receive profit for a long time. Agree, that fixed percent of daily payments speaks about the serious expectancies. It is really good think to know how much will you earn next day!

Due to the first two plans principal is returned at the end of...