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Deposit min/max: $10 / $100.000
Profit: 1.2-2.1% daily!
Withdrawal: manual
Referral: 5% per each deposit
Our investment: $300
daily payout: $10;20;40 calendar
ROI: not in profit
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Morelli Brothers Inc., founded by brothers Robert Morelli and Alex Morelli, is a registered offshore investment company in the Republic of Seychelles with an office located in New York. Morelli Brothers Inc. is a stable and solid investment company that has built an outstanding reputation by not being afraid to take chances and push the envelope once in a while, but protecting the investments of their customers.

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The analytics given below gives visual image of the correlation ratio between deposits to interest payouts and profit earned, as well as the dates and amounts of dividends payments.
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Below we quote some information from the site of their business principles and history.


Utilizing various methods of investments allow the investors the ability to choose the investment method in keeping with their own investment philosophy. The investor can be as aggressive or conservative, or anywhere in between, by choosing the latest and greatest method of investing or maintain the tried and true methods.

Morelli Brothers is a stable and solid investment company that has built an outstanding reputation by not being afraid to take chances and push the envelope once in a while, but protecting the investments of their customers. Morelli Brothers utilizes financial elements such as positive credit, strong market strategies and environmental risks.

Morelli Brothers has reported their funds managed by the Investment Team have performed at a higher rate and at a better rate of return. The growth of the funds has been constant over the course of that same time frame, making successful forecasts the rule rather than the exception. The Investment Team is on duty 24 hours a day taking advantage of the various markets as they open and closes around the world.

There are two components in the investment world that will almost guarantee the success of an investment. The first component is investor confidence, and that is a top priority for Morelli Brothers. Confidence inspires investments and the infusion of capital that will maximize the return of every portfolio, even for the meekest performing investment. Investment safety is the second component that supports the success of an investment. Investors want to know their finances are in the right hands, and if the investor cannot manage their portfolio themselves, they want someone who has the knowhow and forethought for successful investing.


Customer support is another top priority for Morelli Brothers. The customer is number one, and all programs are undertaken with the success of the customer in mind. A partnership between the customer and Morelli Brothers and strategies are developed around the manner the customer likes to invest. The customer base at Morelli Brothers is the hard working average Joe who is building for retirement or building a portfolio to leave behind after their day is done. Morelli Brothers knows that and will take care of the customer's investment like it was their own hard earned dollars.

Morelli Brothers is on the cutting edge as they seek out better ways to invest and achieve the best return possible. The Morelli Brothers investment team searches out new and improved methods and puts them through the test before they are put into practice. By the time an investment method and strategy is put into practice, it has gone through the guinea pig process. The investment has been tracked and analyzed, and if it is not up to Morelli Brothers standards, the strategy is not put into practice.

Morelli Brothers realizes the importance of a strong community and the role it plays in the lives of their investors. Morelli Brothers has worked hard to bring the kind of investment success the public wants and, quite frankly, demands. The blue print of investment developed by Morelli Brothers has been imitated by other investment firms and individuals who recognize the best of the best and ant to strive to be the best.


We should admit basing on recent experience that programs had better not stay without attention for too long. Although, of course, there is no need to hurry. There are too many programs in the market these days, so it's better to wait for a market decline. Soon a few big players will be gone, and most likely small projects will start having problems after that.

However, unlike the past year, there are much more of good projects this year. Even one-day scams try to look respectable, although it is much more difficult to choose now and to determine the good ones. I hope you consider that in your strategy and try consider all risks, meaning try to hedge. Today I want to introduce you to MorelliBrothers, a project with daily payments and a nice design.

Frankly speaking, the design of the site is good. Of course, there are investors who believe that they should not invest in projects where they see smiling people on a first page, but I think it's wrong. Photos of successful people on the main page is some kind of cultural differences that emerged in the world of high-yield investments. Whether you like it or not, but such things work and those admins who consider them have certain benefits.

Especially when these features do not run counter to the rest of design. For example, on the website of these guys you can find not only the man with the smile of a successful person. There you will see a well-designed list of plans and their parameters. There are also professionally looking blocks of information about the features of a project, about news of the company, testimonials and an investment calculator. Each investment plan includes a suitable illustration of the suitcase that is respective to the income you will make.

Investment plans. MorelliBrothers has four investment plans for you. Here is a summary chart, which includes all the plans and their basic parameters:...