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Deposit min/max: $10 / no limit
Profit: 130% after 1 day;
300-15000% after 3-15 days!
Withdrawal: manual
Referral: up to 25%
Monitored Plan:
Our investment: $100
Daily payout: $1,3,8,15,31,60
ROI: in profit
Investors rate: rating point rating point rating point rating point rating point
Overall rating: rating point rating point rating point rating point rating point

Have you been looking for earnings that will make you financially independent? The company web-corporate.com gives you the opportunity to earn good money online. The main challenge will be to your register on our website and put the money in the account. After that, our agents will perform various operations with your money in the currency market. They will bring revenue to our company. And you will watch on his account an increase in profits each day. It all depends on what tariff package you choose. Our service has a good customer support. We'll help you figure out for any question. If you do not like it either, you can instantly take their money and stop working with us. But after the first day you will find that working with us is very profitable. Stability and reliability is two main priority of our company. So, join us today.

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Support page: https://web-corporate.com/index.php?a=support
E-mail: [email protected]
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The analytics given below gives visual image of the correlation ratio between deposits to interest payouts and profit earned, as well as the dates and amounts of dividends payments.
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Below we quote some information from the site of their business principles and history.

Today is the turn of WebCorporate to be presented. As you may have noticed, lots of short-term paying on expiry projects are launched these days and this HYIP is one of them. WebCorporate has been online since November 2 and it offers six investment plans that are affordable to everyone because the minimum deposit amount is $10 and maximum is $50,000 in all of them. Take a look:

105- 130% after 1 day, 116.5-300% after 3 days, 148-700% after 8 days, 197.5-1500% after 15 days, fixed 3,500% after 31 days and 12,000% after 60 days.

Please note that the minimum interest rate stated in first four plans is paid on deposits from $10 to $200, so considering that most investors are ready to spend an amount in...