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Deposit min/max: $25 / $250.000
Profit: 7% daily;
110% after 7 days!
Withdrawal: within 48 biz hours
Referral: 5%
Our investment: $100
daily payout: $7-30 calendar
ROI: in profit
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Royalty7 - A wealth management company backed-up by a pool of collected profits on various high-yield assets we hold around the globe. We provide highly lucrative return on investment along with a complete account privacy, top level security, efficient account panel and dedicated support. With 7% Daily / 110% Weekly plans you can't go wrong, we strive to return initial principle asap to reduce your chances of loss. We're here to stay and compete in the HYI market and we'll do whatever it takes to become a leader you can trust and relay upon during difficult times.

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The analytics given below gives visual image of the correlation ratio between deposits to interest payouts and profit earned, as well as the dates and amounts of dividends payments.
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Below we quote some information from the site of their business principles and history.

Royalty7 enterprise was established by a team of seven partners with a clear mission in mind, look for the lowest risk investment opportunities with relatively higher ROIs for the shortest period of time, and conjure up the best possible way to secure our profit. We went through a long and extremely hard road before we got to this point were we can finally offer our service for the wide public safely.

Our common experience as an undivided unit have grown stronger, which has aspired us to go beyond our standard ways of operation and progress forward into the wide web of endless possibilities. Unlike many others we believe that true prosperity & success can only be accomplished as a healthy community with shared goals. If we'll succeed in our mission, the risk of everyone involved would be minimized while profits would be exponentially maximized!


It's hard to believe, but the character of many HYIP can be understood, taking even a quick look at them. For instance, if you take a look at the site of Royalty7 you can immediately tell that this program is not quite ordinary. Nothing weird, actually, though it's not a trivial pyramid. Talking to the admins we can confirm, the words we say are true. They are aimed seriously enough for the success and ready to fight. It's hard not to think of it in a positive way.

Cause, along with increasing activity of the movement in HYIP industry, there are many low-quality and not interesting programs. Royalty7 is not a part of those.

They are offering 2 plans, each of them has the figure 7 as the basis. The first plan is offering 7% daily, for the period of 30 days. The second plan is offering the principal back and 10% of the profit within 7 days. So, in first case the pure profit is 54% of the deposit and in the second case it's 10%.

All the terms are described very well on the page of the plans description and it's pretty hard to get mixed up. Minimum is $25. By the way, one...