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Deposit min/max: $1 / $555
Profit: 2.5-10% daily!
200-600% after 20-60 days!
Withdrawal: within 72 hours
Referral: up to 10%
Our investment: $100
daily payout: $up to 60 calendar days
ROI: in profit
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3-Business offers you a profitable investment for your money. We have the best experts in trading stocks and exchange rates. Every day we monitor the market. Making the buying and selling. Obtain an excellent profit. What do we offer? You must make a deposit for a specified period under a certain percentage (all terms are on the website). Here you can watch on a daily basis as it increases your deposit, depending on which package you choose. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how our agents will work for you. Since we have already 3 years in the market, then you cannot doubt our abilities. After a certain period of time you will get a huge profit. Investing money today, you will immediately see that time works for you. Why put off until tomorrow what you can do today.

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E-mail: admin@3-business.com
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The analytics given below gives visual image of the correlation ratio between deposits to interest payouts and profit earned, as well as the dates and amounts of dividends payments.
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Below we quote some information from the site of their business principles and history.

About company

3-Business investment strategy includes placing the capital in the three complimentary directions. The directions are correlated on the basis of three parameters:

1. Profitability
2. Terms of deposit refund
3. Minimum investment amount

Throughout several years, our analysts have researched different investment directions. Along with usual options, we also included those that are not developed yet and demand labor inputs. With a staff of professional specialists on various deals we have found the opportunities that will enable you to form an investment portfolio of Forex trading, real estate trading, and betting business.

Betting business became our innovational component which we envision will develop in the long run and is currently the most profitable. We hope that it will become later what real estate trading is now for us. It is a power base for payment of profits after a deal is closed, i.e. a one-time payment. Besides, here we can use rental income schemes for subsiding a daily investment plan. However, thanks to Forex trading as a support for our daily plan, there are days when profits exceed the profitability offered for investors. Thus, a reserve fund is being formed, and losses from real estate deals are covered. The betting direction is virtually non-loss. Thus, investors are completely protected from our risks and have unlimited perspectives of growth.

1. Forex Trading
2. Real Estate Trading
3. Betting Business

The most promising direction for 3-Business LIMITED is trading on Forex multicurrency market. The company’s employees, financial analysts and trading experts, have adequate experiences and all the necessary skills to trade efficiently and with a profit. Throughout the course of three years, 3-Business traders have developed a concept of loss-free trading and have used a unique trading strategy that provides a trouble-free profit and payouts to investors. The company’s staff have put a lot of efforts to develop automatic trading software that is now being tested and makes it possible to follow what deals are on and pick the most profitable. Besides, this system is able to accelerate and automatize processes of interaction between our investors’ funds.

Experience of many years, coordination of actions, and strict adherence to money management and risk management principles are key to 3-Business LIMITED teams of traders. Novices on Forex market have to put maximum efforts to reach a significant result and a stable profit in long-term perspective. It is tremendously difficult to succeed doing trading on your own and without a sufficient deposit for comfortable trading and high profitability. That is why 3-Business is engaged in attracting funds in order to make money in Forex simpler and clearer. The company’s trading strategy includes intraday business deals with application of popular trading tools such as gbp/usd, eur/usd, usd/jpy, and xau/usd.

In order to increase the turnover and trading deposits for European brokers, as well as to grow constantly, the company offers favourable terms of financial interaction between traders and our clients. The principle of trusting management makes a 3-Business LIMITED offer attractive for all investors regardless of their understanding of the market structure and multicurrency exchange.

 The most trusted business and the most old and well-developed direction of 3-Business activity is investment connected with designing, building, and realizing objects for real estate for commercial and residential purposes. The company is interested in high-quality real estate so we made a new department whose function is to analyze the locality and profitability and liquidity measurement of certain buildings, as well as local opportunities to sell or purchase for speculative deals. If necessary, 3-Business LIMITED can finish construction and, through its own network of realtors, can realize real estate (selling or long-term leasing). For many years in real estate business, the company has developed its own methodology of appraisal of land plots and constructions, which excludes the possibility of financial losses.

Among the main principles of the company is the understanding of true value of real estate as it can devaluate as much as securities, shares of even the largest companies and bank bonds. The company periodically analyses the market to include the correlation of prices, progressive market growth or decrease in demand. The risk of investment loss related to real estate is virtually equal to zero. All construction projects or ready-made structures are insured, which means that refund on investment is guaranteed. Besides, objects of real estate effectively protect investment capital because of its low liquidity.

3-Business LIMITED activity in real estate is concentrated in rapidly growing cities all over the world. We choose regions where price growth for buildings, constructions, and private housing is observed, as well as political stability. By now, the company has at its disposal thousands of square meters for trading or leasing.

At the moment sports betting is immensely popular. It resulted from constantly developing networks of bookmaker offices and totalizers. Today sports forecasting and bets are affordable for a wide circle of people who want to earn additionally. Our company noticed it and arranged short- and long-term betting deals.

3-Business has worked out its own system in this field which includes regular operations able to create conditions for participation on a shared basis and regular payouts. The company is engaged in sports forecasting and bets on such sports events as football, basketball, hokey, and tennis, as well as a wide range of other sports events of big importance and popularity. Sports analysts have selected the best sports in betting business that are of interest for our company. The main point is that a reasonable coefficient, promotional support, and reliable partners guarantee money to be refunded and profit to be received. 3-Business LIMITED employees spend much time with professional players and often have insider information, which helps reach a stable and unfailing success. We also can encourage investors from all over the world to participate in deals on a shared basis with bookies.

We intend to keep developing in this direction and, thanks to it, offer our clients more and more profit in shorter term.