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Deposit min/max: $30 / no limit
Profit: 4.86-5.86% daily!
Withdrawal: within 24 hours
Referral: 5%
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Our investment: $100
Daily payout: $24 calendar days
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Quadro Business Group HYIP listed at HYIPNews since September 10, 2014. Quadro Business Group relatively young but fast growing company. The main activity of the company - recycling and waste treatment. The company also introduces innovative waste processing technology that managed to get recommendations in the world. "Quadro Business Group" - a company that has not only developed, but also begins to implement the "civilized" method of dealing with waste. Our goal - to provide a high level of environmental safety, to create a better quality of life through innovative technologies and modern infrastructure of waste production and consumption.

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The analytics given below gives visual image of the correlation ratio between deposits to interest payouts and profit earned, as well as the dates and amounts of dividends payments.
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Below we quote some information from the site of their business principles and history.

Today "Quadro Business Group" - is:

- A dynamic company that provides a range of services to maintain a high level of sanitation.
- Licensed and certified company which operates in many European countries.
- A team of 300 highly qualified specialists.
- A business that cares about the environment in the long term. Our company has built more than 40 production department for processing, recycling and sorting of industrial and domestic waste.

 Today, not enough just to collect and remove trash to the landfill. The amount of waste is increasing day by day. Landfills are no longer cope with their storage function. The prospect of a loan of fertile land and the transformation of the world into a big dump cannot like any sane person. It is for this reason that our main task - not only the production and use of recycled resources, but also the protection of the environment and the preservation of the ecology of all the risks associated with the storage of different wastes. This is a job for real professionals who understand the importance of the problem and are ready to offer viable solutions and are able to provide technical capabilities - equipment and technology - for recycling and disposal of different types of waste the safest way.

In the recycling process may be involved a variety of waste types - aluminum, plastic, glass, paper, iron, textiles, household waste and much more. The count of the analysts - in major cities around the world for one person per year accumulates around a cubic meter of domestic waste, most of which is produced in homes (75%). According to estimates in a ton of regular garbage contained 17 kg of aluminum - its processing provide fuel for the car to drive 2,500 km; 4 kg of paper - Recycling can save trees from being cut down 5; 260 kg of food waste - as a result of processing which will be obtained by biogas, which will provide more than 60kW of electricity.

Since 2012 the company "Quadro Business Group" is the complete solution in the field of waste and recycling, "green" technologies and alternative energy. Our head office is in the UK, manufacturing plants in the UK, Belgium and the Netherlands. We seriously puzzled the world environmental situation, as well as the destructive policies to "trash" the market. Therefore, our main task - all possible ways to implement "green" program. The priority is not only economic aspects but also environmental.

If you are thinking with us in one vector, welcome to the ranks of our partners!

Specialists "Quadro Business Group" know - Environmental conditions - the most important question today. There is no future without a responsible and competent approach to the preservation of the environment, as well as waste treatment and recycling. Recycling and waste treatment - the only way out of this situation!

Let us preserve nature together!