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Deposit min/max: $50 / $5.000
Profit: 200% after 50 days!
Withdrawal: automatic
Referral: 20%
Monitored Plan:
Our investment: $100
Daily payout: $50 calendar days
ROI: in profit
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Babylon - this is the first fully automated financial community on the Internet, allowing access to new financial opportunities for all of its participants. Once you become a part of Babylon, you no longer need to ask yourself about where to get money to accomplish your goals. This is a community of people united in a single mechanism. Together we have managed to create an affordable and easy-to-use high-yield instrument. A mechanism that allows a profit of 100% over the period of only 50 days.

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The analytics given below gives visual image of the correlation ratio between deposits to interest payouts and profit earned, as well as the dates and amounts of dividends payments.
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Below we quote some information from the site of their business principles and history.

Uniform distribution - the key to reliable operation

Today we want to offer you a unique opportunity to become part of this international community, which opens up totally new opportunities for all of its members.Once you become a part of Babylon, you no longer have to think about where to get money in orderto start a business or pay for your studies. Now you can solve all your problems along with thousands of people around the world.We have launched a money machine that rotates thousands of people around the world.

This fund is constantly moving. It is a fundamentally new approach to the movement of money online. Money is not stored anywhere, as thanks to a clear mechanism, all funds are immediately distributed to all the members of the community. Because of this, all members of the community can make a profit of 100% in just 50 days .Today we can say with confidence that it works.

Babylon - is a reliable automatic system of payments every day.

Reliable automatic distribution of daily incoming funds will pay you directly to the purse in the payment system without any demands and expectations and everything is completely automatic. Babylon uses only the payment system Perfect Money. Perfect Money has established itself as one of the most secure payment systems. For many years, it has provided the possibility of uninterrupted transfer of funds around the world.

Having registered in a favorable offshore legal area, it does not fall under one jurisdiction,which completely eliminates the issue of violations of the law of any country that may prohibit the uncontrolled exchange of money between people.The whole system of Babylon is designed so that even during a technical failure or DDOS-attack hackers will not be able to affect the operation of the system.

It's all very simple

You can become a community member starting at just $50, and it can be any other amount you select up to $5000.If you make a contribution in any denomination today, tomorrow you will receive the first payment directly to your account in the payment system Perfect Money. You will receive the same daily payment for 50 days. 

Within 25 days you will be fully refunded your deposit amount and in the next 25 you will get a profit of 100%. You can do this any number of times. It is a mechanism of constant turnover among thousands of people that makes this tool unique and gives you the opportunity to gain access to the money of all the members of Babylon.