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Deposit min/max: $10 / no limit
Profit: 23% daily for 5 days
109% after 1 day!
Withdrawal: within 24 hours
Referral: 6%
Monitored Plan:
Our investment: $100
Daily payout: $5 calendar
ROI: in profit
Investors rate: rating point rating point rating point rating point rating point
Overall rating: rating point rating point rating point rating point rating point

Our online service enables users to set up their accounts and start investing. Due to that they can start receiving daily profit without leaving home. We are a team of professionals with many years of experience that we gained at universities around the world. Now we enter the Internet in order to enable people around the world possibility to make money without the necessary risks and wasting time. Our company is open to all ideas and suggestions about us. We are waiting for any comments posted by you. Thanks to your funds, you can make your life becomes easier, and you will become wealthier. All in a simple and clear steps.

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Support page: https://universal-finance.com/en/contacts
E-mail: [email protected]
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The analytics given below gives visual image of the correlation ratio between deposits to interest payouts and profit earned, as well as the dates and amounts of dividends payments.
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Below we quote some information from the site of their business principles and history.
Every day there are on unforeseen events in the world, all of these affect to the financial results of companies. Therefore, you should monitor all events and take into account their impact on the behavior of exchange, etc. With a consistent management and operating such a system, we are able to expand our business to the world and offer our services to all people in the world.

UNIVERSAL FINANCE through its contacts in the financial markets is able to use every possible opportunity to multiply investment. We work with the best brokers. Our agencies develop and provide us with the latest news from the financial markets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thanks to that the quality of our services is very high.

High level of our financial services we can guarantee because of extensive operational experience gained in various financial markets, as well as their knowledge about investing large amounts. Our traders have variety of certificates certifying their knowledge, and providing about raising the level of their qualifications.

UNIVERSAL FINANCE invest the investors' money in the shares market. Mainly in the pair of currencies, but futures contracts and options also provide a large portion of our profits. We provide full service investment for individuals and legal persons, so for all those who want to invest own money. Our investment company offers a good investment opportunity for your money.

UNIVERSAL FINANCE uses the latest technology to use as many opportunities as it is possible to gain profit. We have the latest versions of specialized software designed specifically for our company. This software helps us manage the large capital and is constantly monitoring our financial situation.