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Deposit min/max: $10 / $100.000
Profit: 125-160% after 1-2 days
235-325% after 4-6 days
570-750% after 12-16 days!
Withdrawal: within 24 hours
Referral: 3%
Our investment: $100
daily payout: $88 calendar
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AgroFinance is an extremely big corporation that focuses on managing agricultural real estate, offering some extremely unique investment opportunities to clients. The corporation actually deals with the management of funds worth up to $1.5 billion for current investors. This include around 220,000 acres of land in the U.S, most of which can be considered to be prime land. Focus on the major agricultural regions of the US has been the key to the success. Many of the acres are situated in prime locations such as the Pacific Northwest, Southern Plans, Southeast, but also the likes of the Midwest and also California. The list of locations does not simply stop there though. The company actual manages land to the size of 6,000 acres situated in New South Wales, Australia, but also around 1,000 acres which is situated in Canada. The diversification that AgroFinance has employed has helped them to be as successful as they are today. The spread of risk helps to attract low risk opportunities, but with the opportunity of large gains in the long term. It helps to create an excellent overall portfolio for clients.

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Below we quote some information from the site of their business principles and history.

Investment Strategy

AgroFinance works on a fairly simply investment strategy. Basically, the idea is to invest in both row and permanent cropland, which helps to spread the risk to investors and therefore, increase the likelihood of making a profit in the long term. A focal point when investing in this field is to invest in properties that are valued at over $1,000,000. This means that when a property is purchased below market value, the gains are large. There is a range of ways that the company enhances current properties to improve their income generating capacity.

The company will operate the cropland that has been purchased, which signifies the best chance of maximizing the capacity of the land. Of course, where it makes more sense to lease the land, this will certainly be the case. That being said, clients that are looking for a low risk investment opportunity will generally prefer to see the land leased, rather than it being owner operated.

The properties that will be considered for investment will vary a great deal. They will include the likes of development properties, which is effectively raw land. They are plots of land that have the potential to be developed into income generating properties, such as a vineyard. The value of the land will vary depending on a range of factors. This will include the likes of the volume and quality of the trees, vine, and soil and sometimes may be affected by the transport links and local markets.

For example, in the Corn Belt area, the focus will always be on growing corn. This is true of areas such as Indiana and Ohio. On a similar note, the Lake States are well known for growing vegetables and the Delta States such as Louisiana and Mississippi are known for cotton and rice. Georgia is a place that is well known for growing both cotton and peanuts, so this is always the focus here.

California is possibly the biggest focus for companies that invest in agriculture and the activities here include growing wine grapes, apples, almonds, walnuts, prunes and even stone fruit, the list keeps going on! Wheat, wine grapes and corn are typical products of our Australian properties.

Investment Philosophy

The idea behind the investments that take place is to combine the best possible investment property with a great management service. The management service allows a client to build a steady portfolio of investments, which helps to increase the chances of a healthy positive return in the long term. Each of the portfolios that we develop for clients can be orientated around certain produce, or around a certain risk/return strategy that the client has in mind.

Like many of the most successful investment portfolios, the focus here is certainly on diversification. This means that even if a client wants to only invest in corn, they can still diversify by exploring the different properties on offer, rather than choosing just one. This means that they are much less likely to be affected if there is a down turn in local markets, something that can realistically happen without warning. Of course, this will also help to level out the fluctuations that can be seen from local markets on a day to day basis.

There are lots of different locations to choose from when it comes to investing in the US. This includes places such as Corn Belt, Lake States, South East, Delta States, Pacific West and Northwest and many more. Clients will be able to combine a great range of investments with the knowledge that our investment managers possess, including high levels of industry knowledge.

There is a three step investment strategy:
- identify produce that is sustainable;
- identify low cost areas for production relating to certain produce;
- identify the risks and returns associated with the produce.

Competitive Advantages

ArgoFinance offers a range of advantages over clients:
- proven track record;
- safe investments;
- opportunities to diversify;
- low-medium risk investment opportunities.

None of our services conflict with each other. Our services are limited to obtaining and managing farmland properties, rather than adding services such as sales/brokerage services to the mix to confuse matters.


Internal and external resources will be used in order to conduct research. This in depth research helps determine the current value of properties and future trends to determine the feasibility of an investment.

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