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Deposit min/max: $10 / $100.000
Profit: 1.5-2.3% daily; 9-13.5% weekly!
Withdrawal: manual
Referral: 5% per each deposit
Our investment: $100
daily payout: $150 business
ROI: not in profit
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XodusGroup LTD, is financial engineering laboratory and alternative investments management company.The goal of XodusGroup LTD,is organization is to provide high yield returns, which are uncorrelated to the typical stock portfolio, also are independent of the directions of the markets.

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Support page: https://xodusgroup.biz/?a=support
E-mail: admin@xodusgroup.biz
Phone:  phone 248-345041
The analytics given below gives visual image of the correlation ratio between deposits to interest payouts and profit earned, as well as the dates and amounts of dividends payments.
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Below we quote some information from the site of their business principles and history.

XodusGroup LTD, provides investments to global users and payment-processing services to the European largest financial services providers, to the merchant around the corner, and to businesses of all sizes. We ensure that investments will generate earnings stable and risk free, and money moves accurately and securely anytime, anywhere.

We believe in open and candid communication with clients. After all, clients should know how their investments are being managed.

XodusGroup LTD, Mission

Our mission is to build the most professional investment service that provides its clients with state of the art practice in terms of international standard of services, and to become pioneers in providing innovative investment products. To become a world-class company, add value and to grow our investment portfolio through active tactical stewardship, financial engineering, business promotion capabilities and financial resources.

The investors money in XodusGroup LTD,is investment accounts are always pooled together into our main trading platform.Investors can then track our results in their accounts, which are opened and fully owned by the investor. Our company is totally independent from any brokers in the market, and relationship between our investors and us are based on agreements and limited power of attorney to execute trades with our customers money.

Such structure is transparent and has useful features to the investors, such as, investors ability to track their accounts in real-time and daily liquidity. Also, owner of the managed account ("the investor") can terminate the trading authority of the trading manager at any time and liquidate his account in a matter of hours.

To achieve our goals, company employs a team of qualified personnel. The strength of our company is our research team of high-qualified financial engineers. Our financial engineers had developed unique trading engine, which is based on quantitative analysis and statistical arbitrage techniques. This trading engine is fully computerized, and trading decisions are made without human intervention. Theoretically our trading engine can be adapted to any market, while practically we run it in stock market only.
XodusGroup LTD,is managed account portfolio solutions are a logical choice for many private and business investors in building wealth in faster ways while reducing overall portfolio risk.

Corporate Strategy

• To present rational profit to our clients, safely.
• To make good use of high intellectual and technical professionals having enormous experience in various investments sector that can present a peaceful life with consistent, long-term income for our clients.
• Enhance and maintain number of long-term investment, investors, and investment organisations.
• Effectively manage and invest our client's money in Forex trading to maximize the return.
• Gain leading position in the investment sector.
• Establish more number of XodusGroup LTD Management Branches.
• Increase transparency of finance and business related operations.
• Focus on Corporate Social Responsibility.


• You can trust your money with us as we stress on proper usage of your investment in Forex trading market.
• We employ strategies on acquirement of assets. Investing with XodusGroup LTD will insure you from uncertain investments and will also let you enjoy the benefits of prudent diversification strategy.
• Our team of professionals is apt in making correct predictions on reversal of outflow of exchange rates by employing timely analysis, news analysis, and technical and fundamental analysis to maximize the profit potentials.
• Our investment strategies are backed by wise and critical decision-making that eliminates chances of losses in case of market fluctuation.
• Our sense of responsibility, motivation, and determination to fulfill your liabilities to our investors enthuse us to scale higher profits.

For Investors

Investors, who are new in this field of Forex trading, face several problems. If you follow certain strategies then investment becomes easier for you. This is not as easy as it may sound. There are numerous factors that influence the Forex trading market along with other financial trading markets. The simple equation of supply versus demand gets jeopardized with a butterfly wing effect when the slightest of uproar in some global scenario influence the market trend.

This, however, should not dishearten you as an investor from an investment market that books an average transaction of nearly $2.5 trillion everyday. XodusGroup LTD has a trustworthy trade technology that constantly explores and analyzes market behavior for spotting subtle changes in the current trend as well as news that may affect the market dynamics.

World economy is going through turmoil now. Everyday the financial markets are recording surge of up or downward trends. In this situation one can secure his or her investment only with professional investment management companies like XodusGroup LTD. We have the power of knowledge and the insight that can protect your investment and gain the maximum profit out of theses day-to-day fluctuations. With improved management and planning system and dynamic implementation of newer technologies and services, XodusGroup LTD promises the most effective and well-balanced utilization of your investments along with highest level of dependability.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Being responsible toward the environment, whether human or natural is something that cannot be overlooked by any individual or organisation. And we at XodusGroup LTD Management understand that fully well. The organisation is committed toward ethical and transparent way of conducting business with our clients. Corporate accountability takes a primary position in our CSR strategy.
We take care of our employees and our clients with equal dedication and sincerity. Even though, it is clear that we do not have any direct affect on the natural environment with our field of operation, we have not missed a single opportunity to serve the community we are a part of.

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