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Deposit min/max: $10 / $15.000
Profit: 0.9-2.2% daily!
Withdrawal: manual
Referral: 2-4% per each deposit
Monitored Plan:
Our investment: $100
Daily payout: $120 business
ROI: not in profit
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WorldPrivateFunds is an Independent Private Funds Management Company. We are a small and exclusive Funds Manager with a strong commitment to place the Individual at the heart of every relationship. Our focus is to offer to individuals and families an exclusive funds management service. We provide our international clientele with personal and professional relationships together with custom-tailored funds management solutions.

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The analytics given below gives visual image of the correlation ratio between deposits to interest payouts and profit earned, as well as the dates and amounts of dividends payments.
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Below we quote some information from the site of their business principles and history.
We constantly evaluate funds from various Clients throughout the world. The portfolios are well diversified, and in line with prevailing market conditions. The allocations within each profile are regularly rebalanced. We offer you an active fund management, fully tailored to your needs.

Our Investment Philosophy is consistent with a clear focus on the risk & return relation. In our Investment process alternative investments such as fund of hedge funds, structured products etc. have been very successful and given an outstanding result.

Within WorldPrivateFunds we have a dedicated team of professionals with various backgrounds and experience’s from the financial sector, especially in Forex market.

We have also an, Investment Committee, who’s only focus is the portfolio management including asset allocation and fund selection. As a small independent company we have a freedom to only consider the best investment products, analysts at any time in a global market.

The Investment Committee is constantly following and evaluating our market view, considering factors like, political development, economic environment, and financial forecasts. With your strategy and our macro view, we together select the right Profile for your Investment. Finally, we have also an administrative and a technical support.

Our aim is to offer our international client an exclusive individualised funds management service. Our high degree of professionalism and flexibility in combination with neutrality and independence enables us to ensure you a long-term, trustworthy business relationship.

At WorldPrivateFunds we are dedicated to producing creative solutions for our private Clients. The optimal investment, with maximum return and no risk, does unfortunately not exist.

Today most private investors do not have the time required to analyze or monitor developments in an increasingly global and complex financial world. Support from specialists becomes more essential for successful investments. Specialists to evaluate opportunities, risks and to compare various investment instruments become essential for most customers - private as well as institutions.

As a small independent company we have a freedom to only consider the best investment products, analysts at any time in a global market. We have no pressure to sell certain products, which are not in your interest. Therefore we can decide to change fund manager, products etc. Our only objective is to provide solutions that best meet your expectations and aspirations.

We offer four unique Investment Plans, each with a different risk and return relation. Within our Investment Profiles we constantly monitor risk and performance and quality of Fund Management. Underperforming funds will be replaced. Independence, continuity in combination with a personal approach are our strongest assets.