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Now that youve read Part1 Getting Started, its time to move on to actually creating and listing your product/service. So, whats next

Getting/taking pictures is next.You are not supposed to copy a picture from any source without the express written consent of that source.However, if youve ever looked at eBay youll see the same picture on multiple listings.It is a rule that isnt policed very well.Nevertheless, having a unique picture goes a long way toward getting winning bids.Get a decent digital camera.You dont need an expensive one.eBay U. tells you what you need.Youll also need a photo box, if your products are small.Photo boxes create a mini-studio, which allows you to control the lighting and background.You can buy them off of eBay or at your local camera store.They arent cheap.

Here comes the hardest part.What do you write on your ad that will attract high biddersI recommend looking at ads that you like to get ideas.Do not under any circumstances copy another ad, unless it is just the feature/specification list.You will get banned for copying.Having and knowing how to use an HTML editor will help you to format your ad so that it looks professional.Professional looking ads with multiple pictures sell better.

Wow!Youve got your product(s), you created your ads.Or did youWhen you list an item there are a lot of decisions to make.What category and subcategories should I useWhat kind of listingWhen will it start and endHow long will it run forWhat is the starting bid or list as Buy It Now (both cost $)What will I charge for shippingWhat about insuranceShould it have a reserve price (costs $)Should it be in a listing or a store format (costs $)What features should I use (most of them cost $)And the list goes on and on.Make sure you look at eBays fee structure and dont pay for extra features that wont add benefit to your particular ad.eBay has a neat little feature in their advanced search where you can look at the recent history.Check out what has sold to answer some of these questions or purchase a subscription to a software company that has even more history and will summarize it for you.

Success!You have your listing(s) on eBay just waiting for the bidding frenzy to begin.

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