Updated: 07/07/2008 04:17
Hyip Monitor

Voting Madness. The HYIP pays non-investors to vote on monitoring sites. These non-investors keep voting on varies monitoring site and in the end they get more than the real investors.

This is a sign of a ponzi scheme. That HYIP need more new money to pay the old investors. A non-investor voting : "I got paid! Super! Best HYIP!" is the joke of the year. They are paid to be a liar. These liars are no different from scammers and to us, they are in the same barrack as those scammers in the jail.

Also watch out for sudden increase in good votes. Yesterday there were 10 good votes and today there are 100? Someone is behind this and you should know who he is the SCAMMER!

By Lara Bennett,

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