Updated: 07/16/2008 00:00
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Another panic concerning EGold. Bankrupt or not bankrupt Provocation or not To skilled investors these questions have set the teeth on edge

Another panic concerning E-Gold. Bankrupt or not bankrupt? Provocation or not? To skilled investors these questions have set the teeth on edge. A similar wave is cyclic, as seasons. Certainly, each time, a trust and confidence in e-gold melts on eyes, but so far none of panics was the last. That's why we want to give you some advices, which will not allow you to lose your own money!

1. Read between the lines. When you hear a loud statement ? check it. Even at a forum. Even under references which in this application are mentioned. One of these days there was a news, that "e-Gold the BANKRUPT". In a day e-Gold has declared: there was no press release! But if you have read news also checked up the reference in news, you would know, that press-release was not exist. Have not done it? Started to withdraw money at the unreal rate? Here is your "rescue". We are sorry about it.

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