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Yesterday on an outcome of a day Happened what everyone have waited for so long. Waited and were afraid, EGold has lifted a flag of truce

Yesterday on an outcome of a day (03:54 PM) Happened what everyone have waited for so long. Waited and were afraid. E-Gold has lifted a flag of truce. The doctor Douglas has made update of his Blog ( with message named "A New Beginning ". So, having rejected any doubts, he at last has finished with uncertainty, which has become a synonymous of the ecurrency. It is hard to imagine, but not a long time ago, it was impossible to present sphere of highly remunerative investment, HYIP world without e-gold

Will they exist or not, what will happen with the money, what will happen to criminals, what awaits the e-Gold customers tomorrow, what will happen to the investment field tomorrow? Yesterday we got answers to these questions. The question mark changed to exclamatory! The new day has come!

Of 1,236 words written by e-Gold CEO, two are of a major importance: REGISTRATION SUSPENDED. The reason of this decision was a desire of administration to go to a new, better, quiet and safe level. Qualitative from the point of view of authorities. Quiet and safe from the point of view of e-Gold company owners. There have left no Benefits for users, as you can see. Probably, because all depends on intentions.

If you are measured to entrust all personal information and money of the company which warrants to watch yours activity, to inform "whom it is necessary", and independently to establish the validity then in 6-9 months you will have such opportunity. Accordingly, if you are not measured to be reconciled with it, updated e-Gold will be not interesting to you . If you wish to bypass both of the above-named variant and to cheat the e-Gold making this will be more difficult. Priority of a following step the Doctor Douglas marks the struggle against this problem. In fact he see the sources of all troubles in it. Multy-accounts, constant returning of the blocked deceivers and impossibility to trace the swindler will leave in past. The motto sounds approximately like: no place for Accounts, free space to Users. How to make it?

First of all, to edit User Agreement (done). At first focus on that even the suspicion "of e-gold investigators" allows to block and freeze the user accounts. Thus, e-gold reminds, that: it possesses institute of investigation and audit; he makes a decision unilaterally and he will not be infringement of the rights of users.

Besides, new paragraph is presented to clients' view (second paragraph, point, it won't just stop with the block and freezing accounts. E-Gold will become an active part. Namely: it is going to post to public personal information of the clients being accused, it will assist courts and in any way possible it is going to help restoring justice. The most interesting is here: "User will be subject to damages". You know what is it about? "We shall take your money from you". That is they won't simply help, they will make justice on their own, by means of damaging. Signing the New Redaction of User Agreement you certainly accept it.

Secondly, making the technical platform (within 6-9 nearest months). Obviously they mean various analytical improvements that would allow identifying "suspicious ones" and catch them.

Besides, official text of the update says of the strategy of internal cooperation. It is also aimed at being constantly involved in your financial activity. First of all, it touches upon exchangers. However, WebMoney is also mentioned. Quite interesting...

One who wants to read of moral aspects of such a decision, to read how actively and doughty e-Gold fights the fraud (cooperating and openly "licking up" the US authorities), can read the full text of the message. We shall simply draw the conclusions. Is that the end? What are the real reasons of such a decision? What does that mean for current customers? Read in one of the nearest issues.

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