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Events around WebMoney WM, certainly, are not such significant, as events around eGold, And popularity WM in the western hemisphere is rather low

Events around WebMoney (WM), certainly, are not such significant, as events around e-Gold. And popularity WM in the western hemisphere is rather low. However, they are very popular in territory of the former USSR and they are absolute leader for Russia. Recently WM has changed the contracts with exchange services. As a result of this change now it is forbidden to them to make an exchange from three ecurrencies: e-gold.com, liberty reserve, pecunix (the full list should appear today). Now interview with Mr. Peter Darakhvelidze, Director of Corporate Affairs which is called to explain an event became accessible.

Mr. Darakhvelidze has admitted, that actions which took place to be more recently, are direct protection from Ponzi Schemes with which WM does not wish to have anything from the very beginning of the functioning. By abroad ecurrencies are perceived as some fun, but soon they will understand, on how much such systems it is better than bank products. And to achieve it, it is necessary to take care of safety, respectability, stability. With the purpose of achievement these long-term plans, WM also has decided to do it.

Thus, under application of Mr. Darakhvelidze, they do not wish to secure themselves for an output on market of US. PayPal it is not considered as the competitor, among other things, he is also adhered to bank products (in difference from WM). Gambling Enforcement Act in WM is condemned as the lobbist action and hostile attack.

As for the negative around the exchangers' it can also be considered as a kind of hostility lunge. In fact only they are suffering. And that is, only if their business is restrictively concentrated to those services which, in opinion of Mr. Darakhvelidze mostly were used by deceivers.

WebMoney does not give up as a bad job the currencies excluded from the list. If their management will be opened for dialogue and cooperation against fraudulent activity, they can be returned in the white list. Management WM also supports idea of gold-backing, however condemns such systems with insufficient level KYC and AML. He also has added: "We had a stable bidirectional information channel with e-gold for a long time, and this channel allowed us to fight against fraudsters. It was e-gold who ceased exchanges, and we understand that the circumstances under which they come do not allow another choice."

Besides the Director of Corporate Affairs has outlined plans of the company which are not limited by Eurasia. Australia, South America are also in it. However, while actions in the east on the first place.

On this strategic note first public performance of WebMoney also has ended. Comments in our nearest releases

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