Updated: 07/29/2008 00:00
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The first sight at new HYIP program is usually decisive. Psychology is a special thing and if the project has attracted to you at first sight, you can miss important points. We have decided to publish a little posts on this theme which will for ever change your first sight on HYIP.

Those who has lived the most part of the life under a star of information century, can find nothing surprising in the world of Hi-Tech. However most of us has lived only a part of a life in an environment of computers and some things for us just like the " other world ".

With such approach it is very simply to forget, that everything anyhow concerning to the company which is interesting to you (or to the virtual project) is its person. Certainly, it can may sound simply, but, unfortunately, it is too much proofs of that investors do not realize it. Anyway, do not give the report in it to itself.

Just imagine, that at the street the young man who is on bad English, stammering, has asked you to lent him money. Something about, $10. He will return to you $15. Hardly you would give even $5, but on the Internet people are closing eyes even on that this young man in the torn cheap clothes, in dirty boots and smells bad. Sometimes it is not just $10, sometimes it is couple of thousands! Even after this suspicious type, limping and being spat, declares, that "he is a member of private investment group with wide experience". And correcting the faded tie, adds: "with the guaranteed profit on 25 % in a month".

Possibly, romanticism could not be killed and behind flashing banners, interactive prompts and photos the person sees that wishes to see. But investments and romanticism - concepts incompatible and if you do not wish to start up in the purse the rascals, remain with us.


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