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Our constant readers know that is not only news. Support,recommendations and tips is integral part of our news-line.

Our constant readers know that is not only news. Support,recommendations and tips is integral part of our news-line. You are reading the second part of (The First sight on HYIP) series.

Last time we have said a few words about people (from the past). About those who don`t see people presentation behind the sites. Maybe, many people realize that site is a message of one man or a group of people to visitors. But its hard to feel a machine without soul for us. We don't know this language. Its not even shop windows, not big boards, not make-up, this things are native for us, we understand them, we can appreciate them by intuition. Don't need to be a professional to distinguish expensive board from cheap one.

But we have used Internet for too short of period time to distinguish good from bad. In general its nothing, just a chat. But not for investors. 50% of newbies trust their money to a stranger. Of course in some sense I am sorry for my philosophy. But my articles will be full of it. I don`t know other way of thinking!:) Do you know people who become rich while reading tips? Then, be patient.

Mark is a basic thing. Any analyst of any investing company do nothing but analyzing. Mark is a main thing even in a such game as poker. But it is just a game. If you are a player who wants to win, don't loose a mark from your eyesight. The more marks will you have the more successful decision you will make. Of course, it can't reduce all failures from your life. But what kind of failures? REALIZED ONE.

On the first level, you need to estimate as you can. Yes you're right, you have read correctly. Use your intuition when you estimating. The main thing is to realize your acts. Investing program, site of the company is not a social network or entertaining portal. Your useless clicking on buttons is the easiest way to be in a trap. You can loose money and get viruses! STOP! Its a bad surrounding and its time to learn rules of reference designation. But now, your main target is to estimate. I guarantee you: Your investing activity have changed for ever, from this time.

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