Updated: 08/03/2008 00:00
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Saw Invest added new plan 14 Day Plan 1,000 1,500 after 14 days. About this project We have 12 plans. All transactions are handled via

Saw Invest added new plan: 14 Day Plan : 1,000% - 1,500% after 14 days.
About this project: "We have 12 plans. All transactions are handled via LibertyReserve. If you don`t have an LibertyReserve account, you need to get one. The minimum deposit is $1, and maximum is $10,000. The program pays 7 days a week, 365 days a year. You may make additional deposits at any time you like to any plan. We guarantee our plans are stable. Our payments are automatic so we will never careless or late in doing payments. Daily Plan: 15%-30% Daily For 20 Days."

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