Updated: 08/11/2008 00:00
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I was notified of an egold trojan running around thanks to Tony p of investment programs group on Yahoo, This could be potentially hazardous to all

I was notified of an e-gold trojan running around thanks to Tony p of investment programs group on Yahoo. This could be potentially hazardous to all of us and we want all our readers to keep a lookout.

Apparently this virus is undetectable by most anti-virus/spyware programs due to the lack of updated virus definitions at this point. The trojan is very malicious as it bypasses every security measure by using your own computer. The trojan is not activated until AFTER you have logged into your egold account.

This problem is only with Internet Explorer and the best option is to NOT use IE. Perfect opportunity to try out Firefox 3 if you havent. The exploit has only been found in IE. Here is a description of how the trojan works:

The trojan tries to gain access to your e-gold account login by using a hidden Internet Explorer window to simultaneously access the account login via After it gains access to your account it will periodically withdrawal funds from your account by a certain percentage to another e-gold account. To see if you have been infected by this virus check if your computer has the file named gdiwxp.dll or gdiw2k.sys. If this is found immediately try and remove this file this free tool:Hijack This,

To completely avoid this problem switch to Firefox! Do not use Internet Explorer and please stay safe!

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