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First, e-Gold bows to US legislation on getting things straight that there will no longer be privacy. Now e-Bullion gets its own fiasco with founder

First, e-Gold bows to US legislation on getting `things straight` that there will no longer be privacy. Now e-Bullion gets its own fiasco with founder James Fayed being apprehended for the same problem that e-Gold faces for not having licences to transmit money and suspected for a highly controversial case on his wife Pamela Fayed`s murder.

July 28th, 2008 was a Monday night like most other weeknights but as the sun set over the California coastline about 6:35 p.m. e-bullion`s Pamela Fayed was being murdered. This is a tragic event, a mother has died and she was someone the DGC industry knew very well. She leaves behind two young daughters. Read this very detailed article from Mark Herpel, my favorite DGC source of news.

Aveis said James Fayed`s international business was an unlicensed scheme that netted $20 million worth of individuals investments. Goldfinger and e-Bullion provide trading services to people who want to invest in precious metals without the cost of storing, insuring and transporting bullion. The companies have vaults in Los Angeles, Delaware, Switzerland and Australia and act as wholesalers. From SFGate

Police also seized $3 million in gold bullion, $60,000 in cash, 25 assault rifles and thousands of rounds of ammunition at Fayed`s house.

At this very point, the site was under maintenance from 5th of August till now. I`m suspecting the Feds are raiding the servers and you guys would probably see e-Bullion being placed in a receivership really soon. That`s my guess. Wait out for James Fayed hearing on the 18th of August.

Nothing like freedom or privacy exists in the US. Period.

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