Updated: 08/14/2008 05:00
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2000 more Canada Post locations will support MoneyGram money transfer service, The two companies signed an agreement that will greatly expand the

2,000 more Canada Post locations will support MoneyGram's money transfer service. The two companies signed an agreement that will greatly expand the MoneyGram money transfer agent network throughout Canada.

MoneyGram has been cooperating with Canada Post since 2002 and at the moment Canada Post offers the money transfer service in 1,000 locations. Thus by the end of 2009 Canada Post is going to introduce the service in an additional 2,000 locations which multiplies the locations offering the MoneyGram money transfer service three times.

In addition Canada Post is to upgrade to AgentConnect, MoneyGram`s latest system which will facilitate expanding the service into more Canada Post locations as well as providing fast service to enhance the customer experience.

"With one of the largest retail networks in the country, Canada Post`s expansion plans help us deliver a truly national network from coast to coast," said Dan O'Malley, senior vice president and president of the Americas for MoneyGram. "And with its convenient locations and hours of operation, Canada Post truly delivers the convenience that is so important to busy consumers."

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