Updated: 08/14/2008 00:00
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We heard more and more people complained about an ecurrency exchanger called World Pay Gold Ltd who had scammed them, According to them, this service

We heard more and more people complained about an e-currency exchanger called World Pay Gold Ltd who had scammed them. According to them, this service did not honor the exchange for big amounts since two weeks ago. But since a few days ago, everybody did not receive their exchange even for small amount of funds.

On the website, they claimed that they are a real company which registered and based in the UK with a real company in London under the name "World Pay Gold Ltd". They tried to convince people that they are a reliable exchanger by getting verifiable from trusted services such as COMODO and accredited GDCA member. They also display a copy of their Certificate of Incorporation which includes their real company details and registration number and claimed that they all verifiable through Companies House and various business validation services.

Even tough they are a registered company but it does not mean there is actually a physical office on the address and there are actually some staffs working there. The address may be some kind of virtual office. A person revealed that the phone number he had dialed was just an answering machine. Stay away from this exchanger.

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