Updated: 08/27/2008 00:00
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Unlike the Russian users the clients of WebMoney do not exude any optimism regarding the situation with the exchange of WebMoney, Just imagine

Unlike the Russian users the clients of WebMoney don`t exude any optimism regarding the situation with the exchange of WebMoney. Just imagine: you do some business online and pay, for example, in LibertyReserve or Perfect Money but suddenly your contractor tells you that he or she will cut a deal only when paid in WebMoney. Where will you go to exchange your e-currency? Nowhere.

Skulking behind the money laundering, opposition to terrorism and any other reasons WebMoney has banned the exchangers to exchange its currencies and threatened to block their WMIDs if dared. From the business point of view WM probably wanted to get rid of its rivals, however the company has showed its disrespect towards all its clients. For some unknown reason the admins of WM dont want to admit a simple rule ? all the Internet users are free to use any e-currencies and any artificial limit in exchange of the one particular currency can result in one of the two effects:

- Decrease of the e-currency popularity
- Increase in popularity and winning of the more steady positions in some local region where that e-currency is widely used.
Looking at the situation objectively, one may say that the second version is more likely. As we know, WebMoney is very popular in Russia and in CIS countries, so it may reinforce its positions on this market and to lose them on Western markets.

However, WebMoney system has already made its choice and the users in their turn should decide whether to use the non-convertible currency, the exchange of which is strictly limited or to choose the payment systems that behave respectively towards the Internet users and which are more liquid in the world Internet than WebMoney.

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