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It was considered that it is better to keep money in an American or in a European bank with a high credit rating

Traditionally it was considered that it is better to keep money in an American or in a European bank with a high credit rating. At the present time the situation has changed and former profits dont seem to be so undisputed any more. First of all it concerns low interest rates that are paid on deposit. Thus, for example, what concerns deposits in US dollars they rarely exceed 4.5% per annum. But high reliability and guaranties of money safety remain a private investor would say. And he would be right in some way. At the same time one should not forget that in case of bankruptcy of any bank the compensation of the depositor, as a rule, would amount to 20.000 US dollars. Is it much or little? Every person answers this question differently: everything depends on the amount of funds deposited by him.

Is there a possibility of saving private assets which would exceed a bank deposit concerning its reliability and profitability? Yes. One of the options are guaranteed hedge funds.

Advantages of investing in The Stoic:
- With high potential profitability you have full guarantee of assets from Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse, and UBS.
- You will have assets distribution on numerous markets. Apart from ordinary shares we invest in monetary market instruments (treasury bills, deposit certificates etc.), and also derivative securities (futures, options, warrant certificates etc.).
- $10 millions own capital.
- Daily payments of profits to investors.
- 24/7/365 customer support.
- Effective referral program.

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