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It seems that this summer decided to hit all the records. One by one all the payment systems intend to surprise everybody. This time the surprise came

It seems that this summer decided to hit all the records. One by one all the payment systems intend to surprise everybody. This time the surprise came from one of the three pillars of the US e-commerce ? e-bullion payment processor. Due to the fact that E-bullion is a kind of closed-type company, which doesnt let any alien to get in, the news about this system is a very rare holiday. Recently there were some rumors that the system will soon follow e-gold as both processors are identical and are based on the same principle. And all the rumors, however, usually have some basis. The recent events in the camp of E-bullion have confirmed this.

The first shocking news came on Tuesday when police has identified a woman stabbed in Century City on Monday evening. The sad hero of this tragedy was Pamela Fayed, one of the co-founders of the legend E-bullion. This news has shocked everybody and especially the way of the murder? There are several hypothesizes but they are not confirmed. The trial is in the process. A great tragedy indeed?

But the doom probably decided to check E-bullion for the strength. And following the scary news about Pamela Fayed, the whole community was shocked with the news about the arrest of another founder of E-bullion, James Fayed, the husband of the stabbed woman. The majority was sure that this arrest was related to the death of Mrs. Fayed, however the lawyer of Mr. Fayed insists that his client is charged with illegal money exchange and money-laundering operations.

At the moment James Fayed is at the Ventura County Jail and is going to be transferred to a detention facility in Los Angeles. Earlier Pamela Fayed was saying that her husband never got their multimillion-dollar company properly licensed or bonded. In October the couple has filed for divorce and since that time had been fighting for the company and assets. It is necessary to note that the Fayeds were the only shareholders of the business (Goldfinger Coin & Bullion Sales and e-Bullion) and possessed about $12 million in bank accounts.

The given investigation was started long ago and, according to Jeffrey A. Taylor, the U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia, "digital currency providers everywhere are now on notice that they must comply with federal banking laws, or they will be subject to prosecution."

At the moment both criminal cases are being investigated and some people do not exclude some connection between them. On behalf of our dear readers the whole editorial staff expresses their deepest condolences to the family, relatives, friends and co-workers of Pamela Fayed.

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