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A user made a transfer of 10000 USD to U3165188 from my Liberty Reserve account with batch 4781343 to bank wire to my personal bank

A user made a transfer of $10,000 USD to (U3165188) from my Liberty Reserve account with batch #4781343 to bank wire to my personal bank account on August 21, 2008 @ 02:56 LR system time. Up until now September 6, 2008 for the total of 17 days, He still have not received my bank wire money yet. He have sent many emails but no reply. Here is his update: After all the publicity they received and after their last email since September 1, 2008. This was what I got today: Quote: Your bank wire was actually sent last week.

The reason for the delay of sending your bank wire is that our bank has been switching their system. They delayed all transactions (incoming and outgoing). When their system will work properly, the bank wires will be sent much faster. My immediately replied to that was:

Hi Maria, It is good to hear from you again, after so many email I sent to you. It is always a little easier for you and me if you would care to send me a few words to rely. By the way, when is your bank finish switching their or your system? Would you care this time to reply to me.

And here is the latest email I received from Maria of

It seems they have some problems while switching the system. So we are not sure when they will finish doing this. We only hope that all wires will go on time. Honestly to tell the truth, I do not know when or will I ever see my money. I will keep updating this thread everyday until I receive my money.

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