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Steps to perform in order to make them do it right when sending proper documents for verification purposes.

Steps to perform:
1. Every Sponsor with a downline immediately contacts all the members in his FIRST level of his downline. As you obviously have showed them GPP and then signed up these persons you know how to contact them.
2. You fully verify with them that they have correctly sent their documents to the correct address.
3. If someone has not yet done it, you make him to do so.
4. If he does not want to do it anymore, please handle it with him and get it done. No one needs to be afraid of bad things to happen or of some invented bad consequences and all that rubbish. This is ridiculous. Help him to see that!
5. Make all your first level members then fully responsible for doing the steps 1-4 with THEIR first level members.
6. If possible make them to report to you that they have done Steps 1-5 with their first level members!

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