Updated: 09/16/2008 14:43
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If you think you can capitalize or profit from a hyip called then you are dead wrong, You will only losing money We still remember

If you think you can capitalize or profit from a hyip called then you are dead wrong. You will only losing money. We still remember this hyip which is an old scam back in year 2006. But that time the name of this hyip was and had offered decent type of hyip plans which were 1.2% - 2% daily for 365 days. This hyip had turned to scam after a few months and most members did not even reach the break even point. Therefore, this hyip is a historically proven scam hyip.

For second come back in June this year; with a name of, there is no different at all. According to members the admin is not paying them. This time, offers various types of hyip plans which are 5%, 6%, and 7% daily for 40 days and later on added on even more attractive yet unrealistic hyip plans which are 205% after 1 day up to 476% in 1 month.

The new plans were just a scam trick from this admin as members reported those who have had deposited in those plans did not receive the promised returns. The admin also played other dirty tricks when he deleted each and every not paid post on the hyip private forum and after that blocked or denied the access to the forum. And now he locked the entire forum which disallowed any member to make any post at all. The website also is not monitored by any monitor.

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