Updated: 09/17/2008 13:50
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You know that the website of Bristol Capital Group Inc is offline during few days and that is why this program is marked as problematic HYIP on our

You know that the website of Bristol Capital Group Inc is offline during few days and that's why this program is marked as problematic HYIP on our site.

Today we've got an interesting email from one of the program members. We can't guarantee that this is reliable information, but it can shed a light on the disappearance of this program:

"I noticed that Bristol Capital Group is marked with Problem, couple of days ago, I was on a live support with one of their admins by name Zbyshek Mikkiver, as we were chatting I asked him the possibility of investing more since my investment earned up to $8500.00 with compounding. He said "Do not put all your eggs in one basket", I quickly awakend by that statement and asked him why, but he started beating around the bush. He also said at the process they are going to move to the Dominican Repoblic where their company was registered, I said to him that I would not like to invest in a company outside EU states, USA and Canada, that some other investors from any of the above mentioned countries will fill the same way. After the conversation I quickly Login to my account with BCG and removed the compounding. After that I started getting virus attack from BCG emails that I received with a lot of threat not to report to Goldpoll forum. At that very moment my computer was badly affected due to the virus Mr Zbyshek Mikkiver from BCG sent to my system. He also said that James christie, who is running the program doesn't know his plans to move the company to the Dominican Rep, I don't know how true is that. You are aware of how much I lost with funds Life and now with Bristol Capital Group. I really don't know which investment company to trust any more. The same man from BCG threaten to penalise my account with $200.00 for threat, extortion and making fauls report which I never did and will not, it is all about my investment. Right now, their website is off, unreachable via phone and they don't reply emails."

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