Updated: 09/17/2008 10:00
Hyip Monitor

Few days lasted, and it means that it's time for philosophical investing in our news line. That`s right, - it is the first sight on HYIP - the series of articles about the right first sight on HYIP. Why first? Because, this is fist series of my in this news line:) Just kidding. Because, this is the most important sight.

So, last time you have get the first useful tip. It`s very short: APPRECIATE IT. Do you appreciate? You won't surprise if I`ll return to reflections. The estimate, deliberate estimate - is our method to develop an instinct. Of course, I`m sure that you`ve analyzed this or that HYIP aspects, GPT or any other site before. Congratulations, you are almost professional of what I`m talking about. But, you won't believe that most of investors are not doing this!

They are just investing. And in 90% of cases they are loosing their money... because of their accepting a site like a dead picture in the window of a browser, they don't even think what this picture is ABOUT! Quite right, people of the last century. The seven years of using Internet, which is changing every time - there is nothing left to think about. Like it or not... what else we can say. EXACTLY! We should talk about: like it or not.

But we can't say it about the whole site. Under the statement - site I mean every page which was created with the aim to create a conversation with you. The conversation which is related with you finance. So, let`s not just saying: ``like it or not`` about the whole site. You can say your opinion about colors, buttons, about texts. You can post it in your comments. Just look at the site attentively, appreciate every feature.

The pledge of mastering in any language is systematization. You can understand it or even speak a little on any language, but you won't become a professional without a system. Yes, and success of your knowledge, is probably temporary. That`s why, don`t have any doubt that i`m offering you the only way of earning by high yield investments now. You can be a poor as long as you wish, but don`t blame others in this ;) All what you need to do - is to take a system and work hard.

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