Updated: 09/17/2008 16:59
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Here is the latest newsletter Today ResidualForexIncome is celebrating 1 month online This period was rich in events, not always positive but still

Here is the latest newsletter: Today ResidualForexIncosme is celebrating 1 month online! This period was rich in events, not always positive but still we managed to overcome problems and became stronger and more mature. We want to underline some important points which to our mind are logical result of our successful activity:

      1) We enhanced our server protection from preventing hackers and ddos-ers from attaking our website. Be assured that we are doing our best to maintain our perfomance at the highest level. In this connection special thanks go to our tech and guys from ddoswiz!

      2) We are now branded under safe and secure domain name ResidualForexIncome. Fake abusers will now stay away from that so we can devote all our time to our clients and investment procedures.

      3) We established serious partnership relations with some of our clients who were kind to help us and advise when we really needed that. Special thanks go to Alexandre, Ernest, Paul, Kevin, Mark and Samir. Thank you!

      4) We are paying! We pay on time. We pay everybody. We pay out of our trading profit! Despite possible problems or circumstances. Still do not believe us? Just go check what people are saying on forums, blogs and other investment resources. Or get verified and make sure yourself! Trading reports and real trading accounts copies are available!

      5) No aggressive advertising campaigns. We do not throw your money to promote ResidualForexIncome to get more members involved. The good word of mouth of our members is the best promotion ever purchased! We just do what we have to do. Silently and honestly.

      And here are some new updates you have to know about: 6) At this stage of our presence on the market we entirely agreed on our Know Your Client vs Know Your Project concept. What does it mean? We are open to every real and interested investor, either institutional or individual one, and provide our real passport, credit card and id copies + trading stats and real trading accounts. In return we want your personal verification. Its fair. Its what business is all about. Stop staring at unfamiliar offshore incorporation docs and get cheated anyway. Know your partner!

      7)We are getting some other investment updates ready for you to have the variety of choice in future. Just need some time to test everything carefully. Stay tuned!

If you have any problems or questions that still remain unclear to you or you need more information never hesitate to contact our support to get the answers!

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