Updated: 09/22/2008 14:55
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The Better Business Bureau (BBB) reports that a new phishing e-mail is now circulating on the Internet The scam known as the Wire Transfer

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) reports that a new phishing e-mail is now circulating on the Internet. The scam known as the "Wire Transfer Money" scam compromises the user's e-mail contacts.

The scammers attack the email address book and once it is hacked they send messages that pose to come from the allegedly affected user. The email informs that the sender is stranded in an overseas country and therefore, requests his/her family and friends to remit money. The fake message contains a promise that the sender will pay back as soon as he/she comes home.

Furthermore to persuade a receiver of the message that the message is truly sent from his/her friends or relatives a hacker addresses the recipient by his/her name and adding some personal details. Some emails even contain a hyperlink provided to give more details about the ?complaint but in fact it drops a virus into the users system that cannot be traced by a normal anti-virus software as it hides inside a screensaver file.

Besides, fake complaints are also sent to entrepreneurs under the name of the Internal Revenue Service, BBB, Social Security Administration, or U.S. Department of Justice. Through these scams fraudsters ask for personal details and falsely create a sense of urgency by asking to click on a link or call at the number given in the e-mail that might be potentially hazardous.

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