Updated: 09/23/2008 20:00
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Wow! The now former admin of Earn3 Extra10, WillJ, has posted on his forum that he has sold the 2 site, My opinion, and apparently a few

Wow! The now former admin of Earn3/Extra10, WillJ, has posted on his forum that he has sold the 2 site. (My opinion, and appartently a few others, the sites are done and this is the only way to keep that "trusted" title associated with his name... Remember the UBux scandal - same thing! ---- Nice, so instead of doing what was best for the sites/members --- resetting accounts, lowering click values --- he gives up. Is that really "trusted")

I am letting you know that GPTNetworks has given a good offer for Earn3/Extra10 so I have decided to sell to them. They can provide the sites much more attention than I can, and make them much better. They have promised to keep up all payments and hopefully increase payments.

If anyone is going to call me a scammer, please know that I never kept ANY money from Earn3/Extra10, all site revenue has gone to member payments since the beginning.

Thank you for understanding.


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