Updated: 09/23/2008 18:11
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This message is mainly targeted to our registered but free members no active deposits but is definitely useful for everybody.

This message is mainly targeted to our registered but free members (no active deposits) but is definetely useful for everybody. We are used to receiving a lot of emails with the same basic inquiries on account management, deposit and interest questions, like when do i get paid?, what if I want to use XX% compounding?, how is my interest calculated, or even sometimes it goes like do you really pay? sort of questions.

Our support is taking care of every message sent by you, dear members. And we try to have individual approach in each case to make the answer simple and clear.

Kindly be informed that as a solution to the above mentioned questions we worked out the Starter investment package with the min amount to invest of $10 only! No matter how different investors classes might be we firmly assume that the investment ranging from $10 up to $100 is absolutely affordable to test our service. Residual Forex Income is not a money game or affiliate marketing program. Its backed up by real Forex trading and must be treated as a private club for those who really want to have good and stable ROI. No investment company or brokerage service would ever let you in with less than $200 as a start up deposit at least no matter what you are about to spend this money for.

On our part we tried to make it win-win cooperation:
1. we use $10-$100 deposits mainly to cover our exchange and transfer fees (interest is paid from net profit generated by large investment pool i.e deposits more than $1k)
2. in return you have the possibility to test our service, get used to functions and gain some experience.
3. do not forget about our FAQ and news sections.
Lets respect our time and business.
Starting from 09/23/2008 we introduce free membership time limit of 20 business days. In other words if you registered a free account but no activity has been observed within next 20 business days we have the right to close it down.

We do not force anyone to invest! No way! We just want to deal with interested and active members. Thats it. If you have any problem or difficulty - just contact us and we will help you out.

If you need some time to fix investment related issues - let us know and maybe we will be of some help. If for any reason you need more time - no problem. But let us know about it. Our Team (and Jake personally) appreciate your attention to this message.

P.S. over 20 people have already applied for verified status and got full access to our personal and trading information (passport, ID + trading reports and latest financial statistics). Its easy. Make sure you deal with real business.

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