Updated: 09/24/2008 14:00
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There will be no Payouts the next days because we expect the new version, CrewBuxV4 released soon, the new updates will be Instant

There will be no Payouts the next days because we expect the new version. CrewBux_V4 released soon, the new updates will be : Instant AP payouts, Instant AP requests, Instant inactive referrals replacement, Lottery,

Edit:bos130979!!!!New Payment Requests are not Stopped to Script all new! We will look that we payout the actuall pending Requests! Also I will open again all Convert Packs!!! So you can convert to refs again all Packs! And about Ref Replace for Honest I must sleep about it! Maybe all honest members get a big ref pack for free!
Edit again:bos130979!!!!You can now Convert your Balance again to all Actuall Available Banners like 100hits, 500hits, 1000hits, 2000hits, 3000hits, 5000hits, 10000hits, 50000hits and also to 100000hits!!!!

Me and bos130979 are no longer admins but we still work for CrewBux for some time... The reason is as you all probably noticed our activity lowered in last couple of weeks and we gave you some hint on what we were doing... Me and Bos are creating new trusted PTC site that will be the most best and popular PTC in these days. We are still currently building the site and script but we can expect the prelaunch in next 2 weeks.

You can expect next things in our PTC : 1) Unique points ( you will get this points if you click everyday on ads and if you are active in forum, and you can use them to get free referrals)
2) SSL protection, DDOS protection
3) 100% server uptime and very fast server
4) Payment list ( you will see a list and know exact time when you will get payed )
5) AP supported only
6) 24/7 Live support and Ticket System
7) Improved forum with rank system on it.
8) New innovative system that will encourage members to click
9) Referrals replacements
10) 3 diffrent kinds of membership and free VIP membership upon prelaunch.
11) and much much more... that we will reveal soon !

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