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According to the report of Tradelite, a licensed investment company incorporated in Panama, during the past few months they have seen a healthy growth

According to the report of Tradelite, a licensed investment company incorporated in Panama, during the past few months they have seen a healthy growth in membership count that allowed the company to develop further despite the common slowdown during the summer months. The active accounts (those with at least one active investment contract) represent 73.12% of all investment accounts. The accounts in Tradelite are obligation-free, which means that there is no time limit for users to participation actively in any company programs and Investment Contracts.

44.91% of all new accounts were created using the invitation link of an already existing account. The increase of this figure has once again proven that the word of mouth is the strongest and most reliable marketing campaign. However, the company official notes that once they reach a satisfactory level of membership, they would have to gradually decrease the commission rates paid by their Invitation Program. According to the company projections this should happen in January or February at latest, 2009.

According to Martin Mitchell, Project Coordinator for Tradelite Finance Corp. the average investment figure has soared to $712.98 from $108.65 back in May. 22.76% of all portfolios consist of 20D contracts in comparison to 36.50% for 40D and 40.74% for 60D contracts. These figures are a clear sign that most of our members have shifted to larger investments in contracts with longer investment terms. The re-investment rate has been 66.83% on average, which is a slight decrease from our previous figure, mainly due to our current maximum investment limits, which do not allow most of our members with larger investments to re-invest part of their Investment Income, said Martin Mitchell.

Among other achievement company marks the addition of new payment processor. Earlier in May the company worked with Liberty Reserve (USD) only, and today it accepts StrictPay, Perfect Money and AlterGold., and provides Direct Bank Wire Transfers for both investments and withdrawals based on our free-of-fee guarantee. In addition, all the operations are carried out in us using two major currencies ? US Dollars and Euro. I taw said that the company also plans to introduce direct Visa/MasterCard credit card transactions. We are already in discussions with two major credit card processing companies and we hope to be able to close a deal in the near future, ? says the official statement.

Since June 2008, the company has been offering Free Tradelite Debit Cards to its platform members. They initially started with Visa-based debit cards, however due to privacy and mainly due to tax related reasons; most of their members have opted for an anonymous debit card with lower fees. Nevertheless, the new card can also be used at 98% of the cash machines and stores where Visa cards are normally accepted. The company marks that besides the free delivery to the clienss door, withdrawals from the Tradelite account to the debit card are free of charge and are processed within 1-2 business days. The cards come with a separate online card management account, where one will be able to track the card transactions.

Also Tradelit draws that users attention to a liquidity problem in the world economy and says that each Investment Contract is an obligation of Tradelite Finance Corp. to the clients as an investor. We have dedicated a whole offshore portfolio to Sell-Short positions which become profitable once the prices start falling. Most of the time, our returns exceed by far the returns we pay out. In addition, we allocate a portion of our earnings to a reserve portfolio consisting of less volatile instruments. These reserves are used to pay out part of our obligations to our investors in case of a trading period with smaller returns. Your returns are fixed, so you should not be worried about our trading performance. Our in-house Value-At-Risk hedging strategy has allowed to us to make very wise investment decisions a priori to market downturns. Risk mitigation has been one of the strongest sides of Tradelite Finance Corp, commented Martin Mitchell.

At the moment the company works on two minor and one major upgrades of Tradelite Online Investment Platform.

Minor Upgrades will enable the users to make instant exchanges between different available balances, so one can minimize his or her fees by dealing with only one payment processor. And another feature will give the users the option to receive an SMS to their mobile phone each time there has been a change in their Tradelite account balance.

As for the major ones the company tells about the multi-language platform which is to be launched by the end of the year, and will be the introduction of a multi-language platform in 5 languages. This upgrade will also include multi-language support. The company has already completed the French and the German versions and is working on the Spanish, Hindi and Mandarin.

All those changes will surely turn the company around and will make the company a success. The main feature of development is a constant progress and openness of the company is only the prove of honesty and trustworthiness.

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