Updated: 09/26/2008 14:00
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Greetings Members Just a quick note to let you know that I am the new owner of and Upgrades

Greetings Members! Just a quick note to let you know that I am the new owner of and! Upgrades, Benefits, Advertising and Terms are now standardized across all four of PTC sites.

Until October 15, I will offer the same deal as I did when I opened TuxedoCatsClicks and BearyCash, namely: For the low price of $1.00 you will receive: 100,000 link credits worth points so you will have to give me your links (no more than 4 sites for splitting) 10,000 x-credits 50,000 banner impressions

OR you can get 50,000 link credits worth cash that you can assign to your own links within the site. It's your choice, just let me know. Both deals still come with the x-credits and banner impressions! Send payment information and links through the contact tab on this site! When you have time, please give them a look!

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