Updated: 09/26/2008 13:13
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Today Forbes is reporting that the US Mint has temporarily suspended the sales of 1oz American Buffalo 24 karat gold coins because of

Today Forbes is reporting that the U.S. Mint has temporarily suspended the sales of 1oz. American Buffalo 24-karat gold coins because of strong demand has depleted its inventory.

    Demand has exceeded supply for American Buffalo 24-karat gold one-ounce bullion coins, and our inventories have been depleted. We are, therefore, temporarily suspending sales of these coins, the Mint said in a memorandum to authorized American Buffalo dealers. The Mint also told dealers that it would work to build up its inventory to resume sales shortly. In mid-August, a shortage of American Eagle one-ounce gold coins due to unprecedented demand had also forced the U.S. Mint to temporarily suspend sales of the popular coins. The Mint said Thursday it would continue to supply the American Eagle 22-karat gold one-ounce and American Eagle silver bullion coins on an allocation basis to coin dealers. In addition, the half-ounce, quarter-ounce, and 1-10th ounce American Eagle gold coins and American Eagle platinum were also available, the Mint said. Coin dealers from the United States to Canada have recently reported a surge in buying of bullion coins and other gold products as troubles in the financial markets prompted people to seek a safe haven in precious metals.

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