Updated: 09/27/2008 11:03
Hyip Monitor
Buxero Brand new site in prelaunch. 5 cents per click to 25 cents per ref click standard, 1 cent per click to 5 cent per ref click upgraded

Buxero. Brand new site in pre-launch. $.005 per click/$.0025 per ref click standard. $.01 per click/$.005 per ref click upgraded. $2.50 cashout to Alertpay

Buxero is a website which pays you to click ads, using third parties and exclusive partnerships with advertisement agencies to provide our users with a/an extensive amount of ads to click. You just view the advertisement and after a while, you'll find a few extra bucks in your pocket. Payments will be paid at a minimum balance of $2.50 and paid immediately to your account. From this - we are able to provide a website which makes everyone happy. Advertisers, we are able to provide a huge amount of clicks for a very affordable price. Manage your advertisements in one center and even have extra features such as description, bold and highlight features to make your advertisement stand out. Extensive features provided to ensure our members view your ad, or they won't qualify for the payment. If your website is ever slow, we won't charge you. So with Buxero, you're in good hands.

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