Updated: 09/29/2008 10:10
Hyip Monitor
The 10 USD line will relaunch at DeepCycler once the Admin finds a server that can better handle the traffic And thats a good sign It means a LOT

The $10 line will re-launch at DeepCycler once the Admin finds a server that can better handle the traffic. And thats a good sign. It means a LOT of folks are interested in this cycler, which continues to cycle like the Energizer Bunny:Yes I'm refunding everyones spends. My server couldnt handle the traffic and it gave some people an advantage over others and this isnt fair so I'm going to refund everyone who managed to spend and then work on finding a better server and we will re launch the line Well. I trust Austin. Hes a nice guy, well-intentioned and so on. Truly. Of any Admin, this is one that I DO trust. Completely. js.

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